Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

We have a dedicated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) team with extensive experience in both 1D and 3D simulation. With expertise in the fundamental mathematical modelling of fluid flow problems, including development of scripts and user routines, we offer a complete solution of Ansys CFD software, practical training and consulting.

Software and Consulting

Fluid flow issues occur in all sectors of engineering and can range from simple laminar pipe flow to complex multi-phase phenomena involving turbulence, rotating components, conjugate heat transfer and chemical reactions. We undertake a wide variety of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consultancy and desktop study projects in most industries involving internal or external flows.

We have the flexibility to provide efficient fluid dynamics modelling solutions for all types and scale of equipment. This includes specialist strategies and software tools for Thermal ManagementWind Microclimate Assessment and other Building Physics.

Complementary to our other software and services for the Chemical & Process and Oil & Gas industries, we have significant experience in helping operators and equipment manufacturers upscale operations and increase throughput, efficiency & reliability through the adoption of CFD.

Flow simulation for bulk storage application
Flow simulation for bulk storage application

In addition to involvement in industrial mixing applications, our knowledge of modelling rotating equipment also extends to a range of turbomachinery applications, including centrifugal compressors and vertical/horizontal axis wind turbines.

Mixing simulation (Courtesy: Fillworth (UK) Ltd)

Many software and consulting projects have featured valves, from regular pressure-flow characterisation and derivation of loss coefficients to detailed erosion predictions involving particle tracking and standard & modified wear models.

Erosion study for pipe bend combining CFD with statistical analysis of particle wall collisions
Erosion study for pipe bend combining CFD with statistical analysis of particle wall collisions

We have refined a technique for accurately modelling valve closure dynamics, combining CFD with spreadsheets and equations of motion. Another innovative approach has been developed to efficiently simulate the actuation torque performance of ball valves under mainly incompressible flows.

CFD simulations undertaken to predict hydrodynamic forces & characterise ball valve actuation torque as function of opening position (Courtesy: Halliburton)
CFD simulations undertaken to predict hydrodynamic forces & characterise ball valve actuation torque as function of opening position (Courtesy: Halliburton)

CFD is increasing being used to improve the environment in which we live, from improving pedestrian comfort and safety by mitigating adverse external wind flows induced by tall buildings and controlling pollution dispersion to optimising heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) for health and reduced energy consumption. We have significant project experience in these and other Built Environment applications.

Example of a terrain model for a wind flow analysis
Example of a terrain model for a wind flow analysis

We couple our fluid dynamics software with FEA capabilities for Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis. Consulting applications have included wind loading, valve performance and turbine blade dynamics.

Structural and fluid analysis of valve system showing vortex shedding (Courtesy: Score (Europe) Ltd)
Structural and fluid analysis of valve system showing vortex shedding (Courtesy: Score (Europe) Ltd)

Our Experience

There is no substitute for experience. We have been helping companies through our simulation consulting services since 1980, when the technology was still emerging and immature. 

Delivered by our large inhouse team of Chartered Engineers, Metallurgists and Physicists, we have undertaken in excess of 5,000 projects for start-ups, SMEs and multinational engineering companies.

More than Validation

We can offer you much more than a simple yes/no on whether your design, process or strategy is working well. Through our team of Chartered Engineers, we can generate insight, fresh ideas and potential solutions through experience, engineering knowledge, advanced analysis technologies and evolving optimisation methodologies.

This ranges from design guidance on machined & welded structures and support when developing products with 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing processes, through to specialist expertise on sealing & tribology and mentoring on design-for-reliability improvement programmes.

We’ve been using Ansys Fluent for complex releases. With hydrogen being quite a buoyant gas, we use Fluent to look at things like if we were to have a leak into our container, how would we expect the flow to move around the other cylinders. I don’t think you could model these things without CFD.


The work completed by Wilde has been invaluable in enabling us to design and build an optimised solution for clearing ice and snow with gusto. The computer modelling and subsequent report was very thorough offering options for alternative design.

Network Rail

Well executed, gives accurate level of confidence to start running simulations unaided... efficient …required minimal interface, but provided a pragmatic approach & interpretation (of results)

Halliburton (Red Spider Technology)

Wilde quickly understood the analysis that needed to be done on the Forward Tooling Assembly and used their FEA and CFD expertise to develop a new design to optimise the efficiency of the new vehicle within the required time scales.

Forum Energy Technologies

Wilde Analysis have been a pleasure to work with during this project, responsive to requests, delivering on time and at reasonable cost and providing good guidance as to optimal ways forward.

Moltex Energy LLP

Many thanks for your contribution. By your diligence you have enabled us to proceed with confidence.

Reviss UK

We have now installed the kiln jet and operated at nearly double the throughput. I’d just like to say thanks for the invaluable work that you carried out in helping us to hone the design to the final version that was installed and worked impeccably from day 1. It saved us a lot of trial and error on the production line with associated losses that would have been incurred.

Springfields Fuels

Excellent training provider in ANSYS CFD modelling with in-depth experience and expertise.

Rolls-Royce Marine

I was very impressed with the knowledge and tools available to us through Wilde and the accuracy of their first model predictions compared to my test results. This has already become a seminal piece of work that will underpin a significant future product development.


Wilde has always demonstrated a knowledgeable and professional understanding to our needs and have been able to quickly and thoroughly assimilate our requirements, and equally quickly produce the necessary results to support our design process and provide guidance on the solution(s) best suiting our needs commercially and technically.

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK

Working with Wilde Analysis is a pleasure. They have the requisite skill, expertise and experience to contribute to the development of the solution. They are able to contribute at the research and development level and at the engineering design level, which is an important capability. As a business we have found them to be professional in their presentation and approach at all times.

Waters UK

The work provided enabled us to present high-quality information to the client, which is excellent, given that the building is going to be an iconic one.

Millwood House Consultants

... without the training & modelling techniques developed by Wilde, it would have been extremely difficult to predict the behaviour of the IR pre-heat oven. ... professional and exceeded the requirements set in the original brief, with extensive communication via meetings, e-mails and telephone conversations.

Glasscoat International

Thank you for the very speedy delivery on our project. In general I find Wilde very responsive to our needs and this is very much appreciated!

Evoqua (atg UV Technology)

Wilde was instrumental in the modifying of our existing design to ensure that performance met the specific & stringent customer requirements on this particular project. Without the modelling capabilities & advice/service provided by Wilde we would not have been able to identify the limitations in our current design in house, nor have been able to implement the required design changes that the CFD process identified as being required.

Northvale Korting

We always appreciate Wilde’s approach as working with them is very beneficial for us, both in terms of project costs & knowledge transfer. They are very open about the results, barriers & difficulties involved, & do their utmost to make sure the models are validated, which not many other companies would do. Wilde go to great lengths to produce the accurate results we need, that’s why we have developed a successful working relationship.


Technical support gave timely well informed help with the problem that I faced, including recommendations for tackling similar situations more effectively in the future.

John Crane

Project Options

With an experienced and highly qualified technical team, we can undertake projects on your behalf while maintaining close contact with your in-house operations regarding progress and technical issues. Our flexible project options enable you to control your budgets and avoid the risk of overspend while assured of a timely, reliable and quality solution.


Flexibility is key to our services.

We run projects as short a half a day for a straightforward verification exercise to multi-year contracts to support and optimise new product development.

Most standard project work is undertaken within our head office in the UK for efficiency but this can be combined with on-site Secondments and Technology Transfer services.


Close communication ensures we deliver to your requirements.

You are allocated an account manager who works alongside our consulting staff to ensure both your commercial and technical objectives are met.

The scope of any project is clearly agreed and defined upfront and we ensure that you are kept informed of progress. This includes any discoveries, issues or concerns that arise from intermediate results that may influence the direction and duration of the project.

Project meetings are important and encouraged, particularly for complex assignments or design optimisation services. These can take place either at our headquarters or your offices. In addition, to minimise your project costs and delivery times while adhering to our Environmental Management policy, we promote web conferencing as much as possible.


Clear and meaningful presentation of results is an essential way for us to add value. Various levels of reporting are available to suit your requirements

  • Extensive – often required for regulatory authorities
  • Standard – Full report, but without the detail of the Extensive report
  • Summary – Limited to basic facts and important conclusions, often presented in a slide  format

If you would like to continue the project in-house, we can also deliver the results databases from any analysis tools used to enable you to recreate the analysis and further investigate the results. This can include the provision of appropriate software licenses.


After agreeing a scope of work and timescales, we can structure the pricing of your project in many ways

  • Fixed Price, against fixed quotation.
  • Reimbursable.
  • Reimbursable, against target price.
  • Call-off contracts

How Can We Help?

For more information or to arrange an informal, no-obligation discussion on your requirements, please complete the form opposite or contact us using the details below.

From an initial phone call we can often give you an idea of price and time scales.

With subsequent details, we can then send you some solution ideas, scopes of work and a formal quotation.

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