Ansys Materials Intelligence

Every product is made from materials. You need to base your decisions and analysis on the right information about those materials. Ansys Granta solutions ensure accurate, consistent, traceable materials information every time to support design, research and teaching.

Manage Your Materials Knowledge, Reduce Searches and Make Smarter, Quicker Selections

Ansys Granta offers a range of materials information management software, designed for companies to realize their in-house Material Intelligence.

Ansys Granta MI™ offers a scalable solution to create, control and store your company’s valuable material data, offering seamless integration with leading CAD, CAE and PLM systems for enterprise-wide consistency. Make smarter materials choices with Ansys Granta Selector. Trade-off various materials properties from a comprehensive database to help you select the best-suited material for the application. Boost your simulation accuracy with access to our unrivalled materials data library.


  • Enabling digital transformation

    Establishing a high-quality ‘gold source’ of enterprise-wide materials data is the foundation of digital transformation.

  • Boosting simulation accuracy

    Improve simulation accuracy with access to an unrivalled catalog of materials property data.

  • Smarter materials choices

    Enable your materials experts to make trade-offs to save cost, weight and improve product quality.

  • Fully integrated

    Connect your materials data to leading CAD, CAE and PLM solutions, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency.

  • Faster to market

    Design Engineers can reduce design iterations by making better materials decisions early in the conceptual phase.

  • Repeatable additive manufacturing

    Future-proof your AM processes by capturing critical property-process relationships.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

    Identify and report on possible restricted substances in your product

  • Visibility across the product value chain

    Ensure consistency and control by managing materials information from a single, central gold-source, with data that’s always traceable to its source.

Regarding Ansys Selector vs other material selection tools/options, I can recommend it without hesitation. The software is updated each year and the range of additional tools and functionality continues to expand.  For overall functionality, ease of use, effectiveness and time saving Granta Selector beats the contenders hands down.

Global Polymer Solutions (GPS)

Could Ansys Materials Solutions Improve Your Materials Management and Selection Decisions?

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