Design Optimization

With a highly capable portfolio of parametric, design of experiments, shape and topology optimisation techniques, we can help you maximise the performance of your products and processes. Our optimisation-focused software and services are used by many companies to meet their light-weighting, robustness, efficiency and cost objectives.

Software & Consulting

Our engineering consultancy team has assisted companies to optimise their products and process since we started structural analysis services over 30 years ago. However, computational methods are evolving to help automate the optimisation process when using simulation, identifying options that manual methods may miss and efficiently assessing the very large number of permutations to satisfy multiple objectives.

Through parametric integration between geometry (CAD) and simulation, most of our simulation software offer in-built optimisation capabilities based on Design of Experiments (DOE) and toppology optimisation methods.

For example, we supply their Ansys DesignXplorer & optiSlang capabilities for general structural, fluid and electromagnetic design challenges, while similar functionality for Manufacturing Process Simulation is available in Moldex3D and DEFORM.

These products offer a toolkit of methods to create response surfaces characterising the behaviour of a design subject to multiple parameter changes, including geometric features, input loading conditions and material properties.

Design optimisation of an off-road automotive suspension component using FEA
Typical design optimisation consulting project undertaken for an off-road automotive suspension component

From the response surface, an optimum solution can be found depending on the objectives, such as minimum weight,  natural frequency ranges or increased fatigue life. When objectives conflict and a decision has to be made between candidate designs, ‘trade-off’ or Pareto analysis can be undertaken.

Furthermore, the ability to understand the change in performance when parameters are altered enables us to undertake Robust Design studies, identifying how sensitive a design is to manufacturing tolerances, environmental conditions and other real-world probabilistic variations.

Optimization Methods

DOE methods are ideal for refining designs, choosing alternatives and measuring sensitivities but are restrictive when considering new geometric designs at concept stage. For example, pre-defined features such as radii or use of ribs remain throughout the optimisation sequence although their quantity and dimensions can be changed.

DOE inevitable requires a large number of individual simulations to build the response surface. However, High Performance Computing (HPC) and parametric licensing now enables such studies to be run automatically and efficiently within our clients’ IT infrastructure or by us on our clusters.

Example design response surface

With increasing use of additive manufacturing / 3D printing, injection moulding and other processes that are more flexible with the geometric forms that can be produced,  topological and generative optimisation techniques provide greater freedom for innovation.

We support the adjoint, shape and topology optimisation technologies within Ansys and have undertaken projects using these capabilities. The adjoint solver within Ansys CFD calculates the performance sensitivities of the design with respect to geometric changes during the original fluid dynamics simulation, providing insight to manual or automated shape morphing that derives an optimised solution. Applications include pressure-drop reduction, drag/lift ratio, surface heat transfer and aerofoil optimisation studies.

Adjoint shape sensitivity vectors for downforce on rear-wing (Courtesy: ANSYS)
Adjoint shape sensitivity vectors for downforce on rear-wing (Courtesy: ANSYS)

Client Feedback

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK Ltd have worked with Wilde on a number of previous occasions where independent specialist knowledge, supported by the use of up-to-date computational techniques, were sought to support designs using conventional design processes.

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK

IAC and Wilde Analysis have been working together for several years now, and we at IAC know that our CFD and FEA work is in safe hands. The intuitive way the work is completed means IAC engineers can be confident of high-quality results delivered by Wilde on schedule.

IAC Acoustics

The work completed by Wilde has been invaluable in enabling us to design and build an optimised solution for clearing ice and snow with gusto. The computer modelling and subsequent report was very thorough offering options for alternative design.

Network Rail

We were very impressed with how well the process went. Compared to our previous experience of product development / FEA with a prior company, we felt that the process with Wilde was much faster, with results expertly presented and proven to be accurate.

Mergon International

It was very useful to us to get a feeling for how the seal behaves from before fixing to fixed. We would certainly include this phase for future jobs where we plan to use straight tooling for manufacture.

Crux Products

Wilde have given a first-rate service enabling us to prove and improve critical design features.

Moffat 2000

Wilde Analysis have been a pleasure to work with during this project, responsive to requests, delivering on time and at reasonable cost and providing good guidance as to optimal ways forward.

Moltex Energy LLP

We have now installed the kiln jet and operated at nearly double the throughput. I’d just like to say thanks for the invaluable work that you carried out in helping us to hone the design to the final version that was installed and worked impeccably from day 1. It saved us a lot of trial and error on the production line with associated losses that would have been incurred.

Springfields Fuels

Wilde quickly understood the scope of the analysis & defined precisely the engineering information that would be required....... The product design was modified on the basis of the analysis. Samples subsequently passed rigorous environmental testing including vibration & drop testing before the design was released for high volume production.…pleased with the time Wilde take to understand our requirements …used them on a number of projects.


... Willerby has worked closely with Wilde Analysis on new product development. The work has included in depth FEA and part optimisation studies relating to new product developments.... The work has resulted in excellent opportunities to reduce component part count and material content. Due to the success of this partnership, it is highly likely that further studies will be conducted between the two organisations going forward.

Willerby Holiday Homes

Wilde was instrumental in the modifying of our existing design to ensure that performance met the specific & stringent customer requirements on this particular project. Without the modelling capabilities & advice/service provided by Wilde we would not have been able to identify the limitations in our current design in house, nor have been able to implement the required design changes that the CFD process identified as being required.

Northvale Korting

I was very satisfied with the end result and manner of analysis Wilde carried out for us, their input was invaluable to the project design review, they played a major part in obtaining our goal.

Global Gas Company


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