Availability, Reliability & Maintainability for Defence Projects


The need to effectively manage the dependability of complex systems throughout their lifecycle has never been greater, especially in the defence sector where equipment is required to work when called upon. The demand to comply with standards such as Defence Standards 00-42, 00-44 and 00-45 is coming from the UK MOD and the responsibility is being assigned throughout the supply chain.

The influx of large quantities of data from both test environments and the field has helped us gain insight into the shape and scale of our dependability problems but handling this data to ensure that it is accurate, up to date and available to those who need it has created its own difficulties. This can lead to isolated pools of information that are challenging to track throughout the lifecycle.

A Complete AR&M and DRACAS Solution

A Wilde + ReliaSoft solution provides a seamless flow of data between engineering disciplines for complying with defence standards, ensuring maximum efficiency and enabling an improved way of handling dependability data.

  • A complete AR&M and DRACAS software solution
  • Satisfies requirements of DEFSTANs 00-40,-42, -44 & -45
  • Implementation support & consulting
  • Training designed for your specific needs

ReliaSoft Software: As the UK Distributor of ReliaSoft – a globally recognised and proven Reliability Engineering software – we provide Reliability software, training and consultancy to the UK’s Defence Sector.

Implementation Support: With ReliaSoft’s robust data import functionality and highly configurable template formats, Wilde’s Reliability Engineers work with our Defence Clients to implement ReliaSoft into their business Product Development/ILS/Supportability processes and to enable data transfer to/from other business databases including legacy data.

Training: Standard and bespoke training courses are provided on ReliaSoft tool training and Reliability Engineering theory for beginners to experts.

Recent Projects

  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) analysis, including FMECA & standards based prediction, for Airbus maintenance panel.

  • System Safety Analysis (SSA), including Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Dormant Failure Analysis, for aircraft control system.

  • RAMS and standards based prediction using MIL-HDBK-217F for satellite components.

  • Design for Reliability activities for military runway landing light application.

  • FMECA, Availability, Reliability and Maintainability Studies of Chemical Monitoring Equipment.

  • FMEA and Parts Count Analyses of Naval Hydraulic Valves

  • Import of Aircraft legacy RCM records into a common ReliaSoft database

  • Proof of Concept study for modelling software reliability

  • DRACAS system configuration, development and implementation support on Naval Asset project

  • Design for Reliability Theory Training for Naval Dockside Facilities Engineering Teams

Your [ReliaSoft] software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It enables us to make fact based decisions.


[ReliaSoft] BlockSim is very useful and of high quality.

Lockheed Martin

Gain a Clear Insight into Dependability Requirements

Discover a better way for handling dependability data.

Our on-demand recorded webinars are ideal for those working in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Supportability and Systems Engineering, including engineers and managers involved in defining and operating Availability, Reliability and Maintainability processes and software toolsets.

  • Session 1: Implementing Reliability Software to support the Defence Industry
  • Session 2: Conforming to DEF-STAN ARM Requirements
  • Session 3: Beyond DEF-STAN Requirements

How Can We Help Your Availability, Reliability & Maintainability Projects?

We have helped defence companies manage the dependability of complex systems throughout their lifecycle, whilst complying with UK MOD standards such as Def Stan 00-4200-44 and 00-45.

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