Technology Transfer

If you are looking to develop your in-house capabilities, our technology transfer services may be an ideal stepping stone. More than training, we can provide you with the tools and long term know-how while jointly achieving productive goals.

Technology Transfer is about enabling your organisation to undertake tasks in-house that previously you left to consultants or did not achieve at all. Through our combined software, consulting and training services we can up-skill your team and demonstrate best practice while tackling live projects.

The most effective way to transfer the technology will depend on your requirements but is always based on developing a close relationship between our technical team and yours. When appropriate, we can supply software if required as part of the service.

Practical Examples

Example 1

  • We undertake the first consulting project at our office
  • We run a dedicated training course based on the project
  • We provide any templates, forms and models for you to extend the project
  • We supply on-going technical support and advanced training

Example 2

  • We supply an engineer on secondment to start your in-house department
  • Your staff shadow our engineer for a duration
  • The secondment is completed but periodic review meetings are scheduled for on-going mentoring

Example 3

  • We help you recruit or select one of your existing engineers to work at our offices on a range of projects under guidance from our senior techncial staff
  • Your engineer attends a range of relevant training courses while with us
  • Your engineer then reverts to working at your offices, while still having access to our management and support services

Ours has been a partnership that has grown in strength and maturity and promises to follow that trend moving forward.


Regarding Ansys Selector vs other material selection tools/options, I can recommend it without hesitation. The software is updated each year and the range of additional tools and functionality continues to expand.  For overall functionality, ease of use, effectiveness and time saving Granta Selector beats the contenders hands down.

Global Polymer Solutions (GPS)

Fern decided to invest in mould flow analysis with Wilde Analysis in order to support their customers in optimising the quality of their parts by identifying any issues arising from part design and material selection early on in a project and before tool design and manufacture. After demos from a number of suppliers Fern chose Moldex3d as the best all round package to meet their requirements due to its ease of use and comprehensive simulation, visualisation and injection moulding analysis.

Fern Plastics

It is safe to say that we see you as our established long-term partner. As all of our operations every month move much more into England together with rising sales demand, we will very soon need to launch more micro-EV models to keep up and more than excited to reunite to make some truly fantastic designs come to life.

Wau Motors

In addition to providing engineering services to Eminox, Wilde also are also our software providers (ANSYS), and have actively led discussions around developments within the software to show how some of these could enhance our day-to-day FE requirements. These sessions have been extremely productive in helping shape the strategy for the development of FEA within Eminox – it has helped me immensely to review the direction for virtual analysis led design within Eminox.


....our Design Engineers have all been trained by, and worked with, Wilde Analysis to exploit DEFORM more and more....Wilde Analysis has been there over the years to help us make those key steps forward in our FEA capability.

Stanley Engineering Fastening

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK Ltd have worked with Wilde on a number of previous occasions where independent specialist knowledge, supported by the use of up-to-date computational techniques, were sought to support designs using conventional design processes.

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK

The course was highly informative and pitched to a level where all delegates could be included and feel part of the discussion. Lecturer had a good understanding of our environment and how the software package could be used in our industry.

EDF Energy

…competency of the tutor as a genuine FE consultant made it very useful & practical learning experience.

Advanced Engine Technology

A detailed and clear introduction to non-linear FEA. Found the use of our own FEA product analysis work-throughs incredibly helpful……Good run through of de-bugging in non-linear problems and analysing boundary conditions.


Excellent training (1 – 1 training)

Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD)

On completion of the design, Wilde, being a preferred partner of Parkburn, was enlisted to carry out independent verification. After specifying the design requirements and objectives of the analysis, Parkburn can rely on Wilde to provide reliable results in a presentable format ready for review by design approval agencies.

Parkburn Precision Handling Systems

…especially appreciate the time to look at my specific examples & advised me with the right solutions.

University of Hull

Great support all round. Problem was resolved within 2 hours from the first email from a support technician. Time stated includes the time it took me to re-work my installation script to test the solution provided.

University of Brighton

A highly informative meeting, showcasing the new developments in software capability... It was the first UGM for me and I really enjoyed it. It is good to see how much support you can get from SFTC... This meeting provided me with a useful update on the new features in DEFORM.

University of Birmingham (PRISM2)

….thank you again for all your hard work with our project. We are very satisfied with the work produced and I am pleased that we have furthered our understanding of our product. I believe this is an important step in advancing our technical information and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Gantry Rail

Thanks for your support on this. It’s really beneficial to get a second pair of eyes.

FMC Technologies

Well executed, gives accurate level of confidence to start running simulations unaided... efficient …required minimal interface, but provided a pragmatic approach & interpretation (of results)

Halliburton (Red Spider Technology)

We’d like to thank you for your help with this project. Getting such concise and helpful information back will ultimately help in our quest to buy the ANSYS software.

Victor Lighting

Wilde quickly understood the analysis that needed to be done on the Forward Tooling Assembly and used their FEA and CFD expertise to develop a new design to optimise the efficiency of the new vehicle within the required time scales.

Forum Energy Technologies

Wilde Analysis supply MMD with all our ANSYS products, along with providing technical assistance on some of our more challenging consultancy projects. Their depth of knowledge and wealth of experience along with the support of the very latest analysis software have been contributory factors in helping MMD to stay at the forefront of mining machinery design.

MMD Design and Consultancy

We believe that we have been very well supported by Wilde FEA and have a robust solution in the ANSYS product.

Precision Polymer Engineering

Wilde Analysis Ltd are a very professional and competent organisation and employees.

JCB Landpower

Everything about Wilde exuded first class quality from the moment [they] came to visit us to listen to our requirements. Then using Wilde’s extensive experience to provide Darchem with advice on the most cost and time effective options available for the analysis, whilst retaining accurate and robust results. The end report, results and the time scale in which this was achieved, further confirmed Wilde’s quality of service.

Esterline (Darchem Engineering)

Wilde Analysis have been a pleasure to work with during this project, responsive to requests, delivering on time and at reasonable cost and providing good guidance as to optimal ways forward.

Moltex Energy LLP

The level of support was excellent. My query was dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner with easy to follow instructions which resolved the issue. Thank you.

Timet UK

The [technical support] team is very pro-actively engaged in any problem(s) we may have related to hardware or software. Extremely helpful in any way and any level of support.

Stanley Engineered Fastening

Through ANSYS Workbench we have a tool which allows us to increase the performance of our products. Drastic reductions in weights and inertia of the couplings have been achieved without compromising the strength of the unit. Lateral vibration of coupling  is now being estimated to a level of confidence previously unattainable without days of computation and cost.

Bibby Transmissions

We gained a lot from our visit and are in the process of putting it into action here at CPI. We hope and feel sure there will be future scope to work with you again on other projects that the company will be involved with and will look to contact Wilde as and when those projects arrive.

Compressor Products International Ltd

Wilde has always demonstrated a knowledgeable and professional understanding to our needs and have been able to quickly and thoroughly assimilate our requirements, and equally quickly produce the necessary results to support our design process and provide guidance on the solution(s) best suiting our needs commercially and technically.

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK

Working with Wilde Analysis is a pleasure. They have the requisite skill, expertise and experience to contribute to the development of the solution. They are able to contribute at the research and development level and at the engineering design level, which is an important capability. As a business we have found them to be professional in their presentation and approach at all times.

Waters UK

... without the training & modelling techniques developed by Wilde, it would have been extremely difficult to predict the behaviour of the IR pre-heat oven. ... professional and exceeded the requirements set in the original brief, with extensive communication via meetings, e-mails and telephone conversations.

Glasscoat International

Wilde was instrumental in the modifying of our existing design to ensure that performance met the specific & stringent customer requirements on this particular project. Without the modelling capabilities & advice/service provided by Wilde we would not have been able to identify the limitations in our current design in house, nor have been able to implement the required design changes that the CFD process identified as being required.

Northvale Korting

Overall good experience, tutor very kind and open for all our questions... Really useful course... Perfect examples that well explained the use and functions of ANSYS DesignModeler... The tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful!

JCB Excavators

We always appreciate Wilde’s approach as working with them is very beneficial for us, both in terms of project costs & knowledge transfer. They are very open about the results, barriers & difficulties involved, & do their utmost to make sure the models are validated, which not many other companies would do. Wilde go to great lengths to produce the accurate results we need, that’s why we have developed a successful working relationship.


... Our improved in-house capability has speeded up our development schedules & helps us to progress our designs & testing much faster, with lead time reductions of around 80%...We see Wilde as a key partner in the development of our skills & software capability.


Wilde Analysis achieved everything that we asked of them, within the required timescale. The results were presented exactly as requested and we’re very pleased with the outcome.

Ilmor Engineering

Fantastic understanding for our FEA modelling needs…. A well structured course suitable for a range of technical backgrounds with a good mixture of conceptual explanation and hands on training.

UTC Aerospace Systems

A fantastic and thorough introduction to fundamental principles and ANSYS analysis tools. I feel more than equipped to practise these skills to support & promote a more interactive development process.

GE Aviation

Technical support gave timely well informed help with the problem that I faced, including recommendations for tackling similar situations more effectively in the future.

John Crane

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