PTC Mathcad

Industry-standard software for solving, analysing, and sharing your most vital engineering calculations. Mathcad is a single tool that allows you to perform accurate calculations easily, and then preserve, share, and reuse this important intellectual property (IP).

How Can Mathcad Increase Your Efficiency?

The Industry Standard Software for Engineering Calculations

Mathcad can improve and streamline your engineering calculation processes, while avoiding errors that can easily occur with difficult to view formulas within spreadsheets.

This dedicated tool enables you to distribute calculations to other engineers who will quickly understand the equations and formulas. Easy to use, it avoids engineers having to learn a complex engineering program. The software provides a convenient way to present mathematical calculations with graphs and tables.

Mathcad increases productivity, improves process efficiency, and allows for better collaboration between individuals and teams, including integrations with other products.

As engineering consultants, we understand exactly how Mathcad can avoid mistakes and be more productive than spreadsheets. Now, in conjunction with our sister company Root Solutions within the PDSVISION Group, we offer the latest version of Mathcad Prime 8, together with 1 month software trials and free lifetime access to PTC Mathcad Express.Logo of Root Solutions - PDSVISION Group Company

What is Mathcad?

PTC Mathcad is an engineering calculation solution that helps you design better products faster. With Mathcad you have the power to do highly accurate engineering calculations and then easily share this critical IP. It is a vital first step in your product digital design definition.

The result? You can spend more time engineering and less time documenting.

Try Mathcad for Free

Download the free trial of PTC Mathcad and choose the 30-day full-functionality option. You will get access to the full version of PTC Mathcad Prime  for 30 days.

Once your free trial has ended, you’ll then automatically have lifetime access to PTC Mathcad Express, a lighter version of PTC Mathcad Prime.

This overview of the free version is given by Boundary Systems of PDSVISION Group.

Benefits of Mathcad

  • Avoid hidden errors in spreadsheets

  • Improve communication and workflows

  • Analyze results intuitively with interactive 2D and 3D plots

  • Convert units automatically to prevent costly errors

  • Document using standard math notation and advanced math formatting

  • Improve presentation with plots, graphs, text and images in single document

Easy to Use?

PTC Mathcad is easy-to-learn with an easy-to-use platform.

At the same time it delivers great computational power, providing 3-D graphing, integration with Microsoft® Excel®, collapsible areas, and symbolic (CAS) capabilities, all in a document-centric environment. With over thousands of built-in mathematical functions, Mathcad Prime allows advanced engineering exploration.

Key Features

  • Content Protection

    Control the degree of access and the visibility you want others to have with Area Protection and Locking.

  • Systems Of Equations Solver

    Quickly solve systems of linear, non-linear, and differential equations.

  • Trig Equation Solver

    PTC Mathcad provides engineers with a powerful solution for calculating and visualising trigonometry.

  • Automatic Unit Converter

    Keep unit consistency throughout all engineering calculations.

  • 2D and 3D Plots

    Visualise data and functions effectively using a variety of 2D X-Y plots and 3D polar, contour and surface plots.

  • Symbolics

    Display engineering calculations results as formulas instead of numerical values.

  • Advanced Numerics and Custom Functions

    700+ built-in functions that provide the extended capability for the most advanced calculations.

  • Excel Component

    Work seamlessly with data from existing Excel spreadsheets

What's New in PTC Mathcad Prime 8?

PTC Mathcad Prime 8 further enhances the most productive tool for engineering calculations, through a range of improvements to usability, presentation and the calculation engine.

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