Consulting Services

When you are racing against time or facing new technical challenges, quickly and conveniently strengthen your internal engineering resources with our expertise & capacity. We also undertake gap analysis to identify where your in-house simulation, reliability & safety strategies can be enhanced through appropriate technology and consulting solutions.

Supporting Your Resource Requirements

We are committed to improving clients’ products and processes through engineering software and training whenever appropriate.

However, we also realise that you may require help when you do not have the resources, budget or mid-term requirement for in-house capability. Since 1980, we have provided consultancy to most engineering sectors, from single projects to long term service relationships exceeding 20 years.

Combining Technologies

Our focus is on solving your problems rather than selling a specific service. We can bring together our design simulation, process modelling, reliability analysis and safety consulting capabilities as appropriate.We also undertake ‘traditional’ hand calculations, spreadsheets and desktop studies when it makes sense.

More than Validation

We can offer you much more than a simple yes/no on whether your design, process or strategy is working well. Through our team of Chartered Engineers, we can generate insight, fresh ideas and potential solutions through experience, engineering knowledge, advanced analysis technologies and evolving optimisation methodologies. This ranges from design guidance on machined & welded structures and support when developing products with 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing processes, through to specialist expertise on sealing & tribology and mentoring on design-for-reliability improvement programmes.

After several conversations with other ARM consultancies, we feel that Wilde Analysis is the best fit in terms of experience, especially in dealing with Defence Contractors and in terms of the services and training that you are able to offer and provide.

Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd

Ours has been a partnership that has grown in strength and maturity and promises to follow that trend moving forward.


The work carried out has been beneficial at a micro level, however, as we roll it out to the wider business I am sure that it will prove a useful tool and method to understand the reliability of the system and how we best manage the maintenance requirements going forward.

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

During this process, Wilde maintained good communication... to ensure that their suggestions were in line with our requirements. Without this input from Wilde, it is likely that our testing would have been compromised. After design modification, the fixture was made & testing completed to our customer’s satisfaction.

Photek Ltd

The rapid turnaround and precision of Wilde’s analysis allowed Kantor to avoid unnecessary costs as well as potential delays. We look forward to working with Wilde again on future projects.

Kantor Energy

Regarding Ansys Selector vs other material selection tools/options, I can recommend it without hesitation. The software is updated each year and the range of additional tools and functionality continues to expand.  For overall functionality, ease of use, effectiveness and time saving Granta Selector beats the contenders hands down.

Global Polymer Solutions (GPS)

Fern decided to invest in mould flow analysis with Wilde Analysis in order to support their customers in optimising the quality of their parts by identifying any issues arising from part design and material selection early on in a project and before tool design and manufacture. After demos from a number of suppliers Fern chose Moldex3d as the best all round package to meet their requirements due to its ease of use and comprehensive simulation, visualisation and injection moulding analysis.

Fern Plastics

It is safe to say that we see you as our established long-term partner. As all of our operations every month move much more into England together with rising sales demand, we will very soon need to launch more micro-EV models to keep up and more than excited to reunite to make some truly fantastic designs come to life.

Wau Motors

In addition to providing engineering services to Eminox, Wilde also are also our software providers (ANSYS), and have actively led discussions around developments within the software to show how some of these could enhance our day-to-day FE requirements. These sessions have been extremely productive in helping shape the strategy for the development of FEA within Eminox – it has helped me immensely to review the direction for virtual analysis led design within Eminox.


Wilde supported our business to provide accurate and reliable data. Our material library was using data without easily accessible sources. Wilde helped us to update and confirm these numbers with up-to-date industry information. Communication with Wilde was easy and hassle free. All of our questions were answered either instantly or after a short period of review. Now we can back up our study results, to our customers, with internationally recognised data. A truly professional service.

Compressor Products International Ltd

The advice you gave me on extracting radial stresses using paths was precisely the information I needed and the fact you provided screen dumps of the actions needed, so I knew exactly where to look, was excellent.

Torquemeters Limited

We have worked closely with the very professional and knowledgeable team at Wilde for many years now. They have recently provided detailed analysis and technical support in connection with our latest high pressure wave ring sealing project. This has enabled our client to make modifications that will reduce VOC emissions and improve safety in certain operating scenarios, ensuring that our client was extremely pleased with the service we provided.

Simon Carves Engineering Ltd

The knowledge and experience of the team helped steer us down a path where we would get better use from the data we had, and provide us with a workable plan going forward. Excellent collaboration between both parties ensured that we learnt a lot that we can take forward as best practice in the way we carry out further analysis of other systems.

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

For our product to be viable and successful, we had to make sure it could perform how we expected it to perform. That’s where analysis and strength testing was vitally important. Wilde Analysis provided an excellent service delivering the results in a truly professional manner and worked with us through various iterations of the product. A very knowledgeable and highly recommended company.

Philadelphia Scientific UK Ltd

Virtual testing by Wilde Analysis gave us peace of mind and allowed us to confidently present the initial concept, safe in the knowledge that it would perform as we expected it to. The results were presented in a clear, concise format that was easy to understand.

SG Equipment Ltd

This project was for a detector system designed & manufactured to be part of an orbiting satellite. We had to meet stringent vibration & shock requirements which meant producing a test fixture to mount on our vibration test machine... We submitted our design to Wilde who supplied us with data showing several areas which required strengthening in order to meet the specification.

Photek Ltd

Wilde was very good in assisting us with the transfer of the knowledge required. It was a good partnership in respect to the work undertaken: Wilde not only helped us to gain knowledge but also an understanding of the reasons why, which we were very happy with.

Motherwell Bridge Ltd

The design of the ventilation system... presented a unique challenge to Kantor Energy. Due to the space limitations and requirement to install all combustion plant within a relatively small building, it was clear that a bespoke and specialist approach would be required. Wilde Analysis very quickly took up the challenge and produced a set of simulations that identified the optimal ventilation system design.

Kantor Energy

The engineering team at Wilde Analysis provided a prompt and efficient response to our requirements, ensuring a very quick delivery and ultimately strengthening our relationship with our end client.

Jee Ltd

Although this was the first time that we have used a consultancy for Moldflow analysis, the expertise supplied was exceptional and gave us a high level of confidence in the results. From the analysis we had a head start in the design process before manufacture, saving money and time. We were kept well informed throughout by very approachable engineers: the results were presented simply without complication, providing us with a greater understanding.

ITM Power Plc

The team of expert engineers at Wilde Analysis helped us understand the fluid flow in a novel cell chamber used to remove DMSO at the point of care. The rigor Wilde applied to our fluid problem and the relationship that was developed was great.

Exmoor Pharma Concepts Ltd

The excellent FEA and CFD Technical support that I received from the expert team of Wilde Analysis Engineers gave me confidence with my designs & allowed us to proceed with development & manufacture. It is a hugely beneficial extension to our technical capabilities for a small Engineering company.

Barton Firtop Engineering

The Consulting Analysis that Wilde supplies to our business from their expert engineering team is fantastic and gives us confidence in the services we provide, safe in the knowledge that we can deliver on time and within budget.

Applied Component Technology Ltd

The consultancy that Wilde provided for us proved highly beneficial because at tender stage it highlighted a discrepancy that we had ourselves anticipated. We were therefore proven to be correct.

Axiseng M&E Ltd

The main driver for us is speed of delivery not cost. Wilde Analysis gave us expert advice in a very tight time frame. This meant that we had confidence to move forward quickly with the reworked design and potentially make massive savings in our tooling process.


Wilde gave us exactly what we were looking for. Their consultancy service confirmed some of the assumptions we were making and added value to the report to our client. It also increased our level of confidence in the recommendations we made to our client.


This was a unique project for the client and for us. We required Wilde’s help and are very happy with the outcome. Wilde’s engineers also provided us with knowledgeable advice and recommendations to improve our design work; there have been no issues with the fabrication and installation and we have found Wilde’s engineers very helpful throughout our design development and the client’s approval process.

BCS Design

... While the wind report was needed for planning, it was also very important to us to ensure that the design factored in the wind analysis to promote people’s comfort and safety within this development. This is an important factor which is too often slightly overlooked at early stages of planning and design.


On completion of the design, Wilde, being a preferred partner of Parkburn, was enlisted to carry out independent verification. After specifying the design requirements and objectives of the analysis, Parkburn can rely on Wilde to provide reliable results in a presentable format ready for review by design approval agencies.

Parkburn Precision Handling Systems

IAC and Wilde Analysis have been working together for several years now, and we at IAC know that our CFD and FEA work is in safe hands. The intuitive way the work is completed means IAC engineers can be confident of high-quality results delivered by Wilde on schedule.

IAC Acoustics

….thank you again for all your hard work with our project. We are very satisfied with the work produced and I am pleased that we have furthered our understanding of our product. I believe this is an important step in advancing our technical information and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Gantry Rail

The work completed by Wilde has been invaluable in enabling us to design and build an optimised solution for clearing ice and snow with gusto. The computer modelling and subsequent report was very thorough offering options for alternative design.

Network Rail

The consultancy project enabled us to spot errors that would have cost much more than the sum of the analysis itself. It enabled us to see things before we committed to them which is very beneficial, especially in terms of the high financial investment involved in the design of the larger components. It made sense to us to analyse these high value components, as the cost of modifying the tooling is so high.

Dudley Industries

I would just like to thank everyone at Wilde for the high quality FEA work on some new products we are bringing to market. Without doubt, the analysis helped us design a product that will outperform our original design. The engineers involved were most helpful, not only in delivering the work but also explaining the results and working with us on design improvements. I will certainly be using the service on future products we bring to market.


For us, the advantage of using Wilde’s consultancy services is that we can give our client confidence in the results that we present to them.

Precision Moulds & Tools Services

We were very impressed with how well the process went. Compared to our previous experience of product development / FEA with a prior company, we felt that the process with Wilde was much faster, with results expertly presented and proven to be accurate.

Mergon International

The project fully met our defined objectives and gave us exactly what we wanted. I was particularly impressed with the Wilde engineer’s knowledge of materials – not many mechanical engineers would know so much about stress properties but he was very clued up on this. In terms of value for money, I would give Wilde ten out of ten

Pipeline Engineering & Supply Co.

This project was a new venture for us, and ensuring the safety of the operators using this equipment was our key concern. The combination of clear, precise guidance and specialist technical expertise ....... enabled us to accomplish everything that we required.

GE Oil & Gas

Well executed, gives accurate level of confidence to start running simulations unaided... efficient …required minimal interface, but provided a pragmatic approach & interpretation (of results)

Halliburton (Red Spider Technology)

We’d like to thank you for your help with this project. Getting such concise and helpful information back will ultimately help in our quest to buy the ANSYS software.

Victor Lighting

Wilde provided efficient communication with a cost effective approach within the timescale required to keep the project on target. The final report was delivered to both our client and Lloyds Register for third party approval. The team at Wilde gave excellent back up after the report had been delivered, answering any queries relating to the analysis that was raised by the third party body.

Contitech Oil & Gas

The job was delivered on time with a very proactive approach from their engineers. Subsequent tests on the machine have proven the model to be accurate and allowed the design to develop.

Edwards Vacuum

Wilde Analysis Ltd are a very professional and competent organisation and employees.

JCB Landpower

Everything about Wilde exuded first class quality from the moment [they] came to visit us to listen to our requirements. Then using Wilde’s extensive experience to provide Darchem with advice on the most cost and time effective options available for the analysis, whilst retaining accurate and robust results. The end report, results and the time scale in which this was achieved, further confirmed Wilde’s quality of service.

Esterline (Darchem Engineering)

Wilde Analysis have been a pleasure to work with during this project, responsive to requests, delivering on time and at reasonable cost and providing good guidance as to optimal ways forward.

Moltex Energy LLP

We have now installed the kiln jet and operated at nearly double the throughput. I’d just like to say thanks for the invaluable work that you carried out in helping us to hone the design to the final version that was installed and worked impeccably from day 1. It saved us a lot of trial and error on the production line with associated losses that would have been incurred.

Springfields Fuels

... a key project that we had originally planned to do in-house, but our internal resources were pushed to the limit... passed it on to Wilde to complete at very short notice. They responded immediately & completed everything very quickly... They pulled it out of the bag very impressively & were the perfect solution to our difficulty. Added to that, Wilde provided excellent value for money compared to other companies that we have considered in the past.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders

Wilde’s ANSYS consultancy services had been recommended to us by another company. This was therefore the first time that we had used them and we were very satisfied with their work for us. They enabled us to meet our main objective, which was to provide independent clarification on our own calculations. Everything was done to the agreed timescale, and we were very happy with the level of communication.

Dodd Engineering

We gained a lot from our visit and are in the process of putting it into action here at CPI. We hope and feel sure there will be future scope to work with you again on other projects that the company will be involved with and will look to contact Wilde as and when those projects arrive.

Compressor Products International Ltd

Wilde’s consultancy work has answered many of our questions and cut down significantly on our testing time – fewer iterations mean less costs to us which has to be beneficial.

RMI Pressure Systems

I was very impressed with the knowledge and tools available to us through Wilde and the accuracy of their first model predictions compared to my test results. This has already become a seminal piece of work that will underpin a significant future product development.


It was a case of us needing to get the job done quickly. Like many other companies, we don’t always have the skills and labour resources available to us in house, as our work flow varies.... If you have a good supplier, they become an extension of your business, in whom you can have confidence and rely upon when needed. This is where Wilde proves so useful to us; their engineers are really helpful, highly knowledgeable and very competent.

Baker Perkins

Wilde has always demonstrated a knowledgeable and professional understanding to our needs and have been able to quickly and thoroughly assimilate our requirements, and equally quickly produce the necessary results to support our design process and provide guidance on the solution(s) best suiting our needs commercially and technically.

MAHLE Industrial Filtration UK

Working with Wilde Analysis is a pleasure. They have the requisite skill, expertise and experience to contribute to the development of the solution. They are able to contribute at the research and development level and at the engineering design level, which is an important capability. As a business we have found them to be professional in their presentation and approach at all times.

Waters UK

... Willerby has worked closely with Wilde Analysis on new product development. The work has included in depth FEA and part optimisation studies relating to new product developments.... The work has resulted in excellent opportunities to reduce component part count and material content. Due to the success of this partnership, it is highly likely that further studies will be conducted between the two organisations going forward.

Willerby Holiday Homes

We are very happy with the service that Wilde provided. Their consultancy work for us offered us peace of mind that investment on our part in tooling is worthwhile and meets the functional brief.

Edincare Pumped Drainage Systems

Thank you for the very speedy delivery on our project. In general I find Wilde very responsive to our needs and this is very much appreciated!

Evoqua (atg UV Technology)

[Wilde engineer] attended site to get an appreciation of SSE’s business at Smurfit...... was professional in getting the information at the site and has spent time on the computer system to follow up on this. [He] is giving me peace of mind in the fact that if anything goes wrong we will have the information to hand to back up all our safety systems in one location – the safety file.


We always appreciate Wilde’s approach as working with them is very beneficial for us, both in terms of project costs & knowledge transfer. They are very open about the results, barriers & difficulties involved, & do their utmost to make sure the models are validated, which not many other companies would do. Wilde go to great lengths to produce the accurate results we need, that’s why we have developed a successful working relationship.


The particular assembly that was evaluated is fitted into what we would consider to be a severe application. The study based on the FE analysis results demonstrated that there were no areas that are significantly highly stressed which in turn gives confidence with similar designs fitted to less demanding applications. The study that Wilde performed for us gives us confidence to look for similar type of assistance in the future.

Helical Technology

I was very satisfied with the end result and manner of analysis Wilde carried out for us, their input was invaluable to the project design review, they played a major part in obtaining our goal.

Global Gas Company

Wilde Analysis achieved everything that we asked of them, within the required timescale. The results were presented exactly as requested and we’re very pleased with the outcome.

Ilmor Engineering

I in particular found the briefing informative and your report was excellent in terms of depth, analysis and presentation.

Senior Aerospace BWT

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