Ansys Chemkin-Pro: Chemistry Simulation Software

Ansys Chemkin-Pro is the industry leader for modeling complex, chemically reacting systems. It has been extensively validated in numerous chemistry applications and is well known for its extremely fast simulation time.

Simulate the Most Complex Chemical Kinetics Accurately and Efficiently

Today’s energy standards call for high yields, efficiency and quality with minimal byproduct or waste. Ansys Chemkin-Pro is a chemical kinetics simulator that models idealized reacting flows and provides insight into results before production testing. Relying on testing alone for verifying chemical processes is prohibitive, given today’s shortened design cycles. Effective simulation is critical for cost-effective designs and gets your product to market faster.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Rapid Insights and Results
  • Gold Standard for Chemical Kinetic Simulation
  • Power CFD Simulations

Ansys Chemkin-Pro is the Industry Leading Chemistry Simulation Software

Ansys Chemkin-Pro has been extensively utilized in a wide range of detailed chemistry applications. Whether it is used as a combustion modeling software for a gas turbine or for to evaluate complex chemical reactions in a processing plant, Ansys Chemkin-Pro delivers results. Complex computations are done quickly and accurately, allowing you to perform insightful combustion and emissions analysis.

Quick Specification

Tailor your analysis faster with this robust chemistry simulation software. It includes innovative particle tracking and can generate flame-speed tables for your CFD models, giving you more time to optimise your design.

  • Combustion Analysis
  • Emissions Analysis
  • Gas and Surface Reactions
  • Reaction Path Analysis
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Equivalent Reactor Network Simulation
  • Laminar Flame Simulators
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Surrogate Fuel Blend Formulation
  • Solution Sensitivity to Reaction Rates
  • Table Generators
  • Real-gas Models
  • Mechanism Reduction and Optimization
  • User Program


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