Safety and Reliability Analysis

Combining comprehensive safety and reliability services, built on 20 years project experience, with industry-leading software from Ansys and ReliaSoft, we focus on ensuring your risk strategies are consistent with your goals.

Close the GAP between your Performance and Potential

A Gap Analysis is an opportunity to conduct an in-depth holistic analysis at a strategic and technical level normally involving a larger number of stakeholders within your business than a typical consultation.

If your current processes are found not to be optimal, we propose an action plan to bring your safety and reliability programmes up to the desired level.

Require a better connected Reliability–ILS–Supportability approach?

Our solutions provide a seamless flow of data between engineering disciplines for complying with defence standards, ensuring maximum efficiency and enabling an improved way of handling dependability data, while meeting the needs of DEFSTANs 00-40,-42, -44 & -45

  • A complete AR&M and DRACAS software solution,
  • Implementation support & consulting
  • Training designed for your specific needs

After several conversations with other ARM consultancies, we feel that Wilde Analysis is the best fit in terms of experience, especially in dealing with Defence Contractors and in terms of the services and training that you are able to offer and provide.

Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd

The work carried out has been beneficial at a micro level, however, as we roll it out to the wider business I am sure that it will prove a useful tool and method to understand the reliability of the system and how we best manage the maintenance requirements going forward.

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery

Fantastic support - I have contacted a few times and have always had the problem solved. Professional, friendly and reliable service! The engineer I dealt with has been of great help!

Monition Ltd

Excellent introduction into Reliability Engineering.

Ultra Electronics Controls

Implement key functional safety analysis methods for electronics systems

Ansys medini analyze ensures that safety standards are complied with efficiently and consistently, including ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP 4761, ISO 21448 and MIL-STD-882E. It supports a wide range of methods (such as HAZOP, HARA, FHA, FTA, FME(C)A and FMEDA) all within one tool.

Project Options

With an experienced and highly qualified technical team, we can undertake projects on your behalf while maintaining close contact with your in-house operations regarding progress and technical issues. Our flexible project options enable you to control your budgets and avoid the risk of overspend while assured of a timely, reliable and quality solution.


Flexibility is key to our services.

We run projects as short a half a day for a straightforward verification exercise to multi-year contracts to support and optimise new product development.

Most standard project work is undertaken within our head office in the UK for efficiency but this can be combined with on-site Secondments and Technology Transfer services.


Close communication ensures we deliver to your requirements.

You are allocated an account manager who works alongside our consulting staff to ensure both your commercial and technical objectives are met.

The scope of any project is clearly agreed and defined upfront and we ensure that you are kept informed of progress. This includes any discoveries, issues or concerns that arise from intermediate results that may influence the direction and duration of the project.

Project meetings are important and encouraged, particularly for complex assignments or design optimisation services. These can take place either at our headquarters or your offices. In addition, to minimise your project costs and delivery times while adhering to our Environmental Management policy, we promote web conferencing as much as possible.


Clear and meaningful presentation of results is an essential way for us to add value. Various levels of reporting are available to suit your requirements

  • Extensive – often required for regulatory authorities
  • Standard – Full report, but without the detail of the Extensive report
  • Summary – Limited to basic facts and important conclusions, often presented in a slide  format

If you would like to continue the project in-house, we can also deliver the results databases from any analysis tools used to enable you to recreate the analysis and further investigate the results. This can include the provision of appropriate software licenses.


After agreeing a scope of work and timescales, we can structure the pricing of your project in many ways

  • Fixed Price, against fixed quotation.
  • Reimbursable.
  • Reimbursable, against target price.
  • Call-off contracts

How Can You Start?

Please complete the form opposite or contact us below for an informal, no-obligation discussion of your requirements.

From an initial phone call we can often give you an idea of price and time scales.

With subsequent details, we can then send you some solution ideas, scopes of work and a formal quotation.

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