Ansys Structural Analysis

Ansys FEA helps you solve structural engineering problems and make better, faster design decisions. Customise, parameterise & automate your simulations to analyse multiple designs, while integrating with CFD and electromagnetics

Trusted Scaleable Capabilities for all Structural Challenges

ANSYS structural analysis software is trusted by organisations around the world to rapidly solve complex structural engineering problems with ease. Finite element analysis (FEA) tools from ANSYS provide the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product:

  • Linear static analysis that simply provides stresses or deformations
  • Modal analysis that determines vibration characteristics
  • Advanced transient nonlinear phenomena involving dynamic effects and complex behaviour

All users, from designers to advanced experts, can benefit from ANSYS structural analysis software through: the renowned ANSYS Workbench intuitive workflow; wide variety of material models; element library quality; solver speed, robustness and accuracy; and the ability to model every product — from single parts to very complex assemblies with hundreds of components interacting through contacts or relative motions.

Software Options

All Ansys structural mechanics solutions are built on the same solver technology and Ansys Workbench intuitive user environment, enabling you to easily upgrade between products as your simulation requirements evolve.

Ansys Mechanical Enterprise is a complete solution for linear and non-linear structural and thermal analysis, including:

  • Full range of comprehensive static, dynamic, rigid/flexible body mechanism and impact solvers for design validation
  • Structural, fluid dynamics and electromagnetic capabilities for simulation-led design exploration
  • Ansys SpaceClaim for geometry importing, building and editing
  • Ansys Autodyn simulates the response of materials to short duration severe loadings from impact, high pressure or explosions.
  • Dedicated composite draping and analysis module (Ansys Composite PrepPost)
  • Fatigue and hydrodynamic (Ansys AQWA) analysis
  • Design of experiments (DesignXplorer) module for Robust Design & Optimisation
  • ACT customisation toolkit
  • Coupled-field capabilities for multiphysics analysis

Ansys Mechanical Premium is a comprehensive non-linear stress analysis software for advanced structural analysis, including transient thermal, dynamics and fatigue capabilities.

Ansys Mechanical Pro is a flexible general purpose linear stress analysis software for regular structural analysis, including transient thermal, modal and fatigue capabilities.

For Simulation-Led Design Exploration

Ansys Discovery is an integrated multiphysics solution for designer-focused simulation, including structural, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics capabilities.  

For Specific Requirements

Ansys LS-DYNA simulates the response of materials to short duration severe loading. It is the most commonly used explicit simulation program, best suited for the experienced and highly technical user.

Ansys nCode DesignLife extends ANSYS structural mechanics solutions for advanced durability/fatigue analysis, calculating culmative damage due to complex duty cycles from ANSYS stress and strain results.

The speed of ANSYS simulations can be reduced further through efficient parallel processing capabilities to exploit multiple core PCs and High Performance Computing (HPC). Bi-directional connections with all popular CAD systems enables seamless geometry import, automatic parametric studies and Optimisation.

Automatic contact detection make it easy to set up and prepare single part and assembly models for meshing.

Other tools, like factor-of-safety prediction and built-in simulation wizards, help even new users get accurate, reliable simulation results in minutes. Combined with Ansys Fluid Dynamics or Electromagnetics solvers, Ansys FEA software can undertake fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and other multiphysics simulations.

Ours has been a partnership that has grown in strength and maturity and promises to follow that trend moving forward.


It is safe to say that we see you as our established long-term partner. As all of our operations every month move much more into England together with rising sales demand, we will very soon need to launch more micro-EV models to keep up and more than excited to reunite to make some truly fantastic designs come to life.

Wau Motors

In addition to providing engineering services to Eminox, Wilde also are also our software providers (ANSYS), and have actively led discussions around developments within the software to show how some of these could enhance our day-to-day FE requirements. These sessions have been extremely productive in helping shape the strategy for the development of FEA within Eminox – it has helped me immensely to review the direction for virtual analysis led design within Eminox.


You are always extremely helpful with any issues we experience and nothing seems to be too much trouble as far as your customers are concerned.

Airborne Composites Ltd

Simply Excellent!

Bibby Transmissions

Fast response and very knowledgeable staff, an excellent all-round service.

London Marine Consultants

Support are very quick to respond to reported issues and also very willing to assist with all other aspects of tools including evaluations and trials.

UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors & Int Systems)

The advice you gave me on extracting radial stresses using paths was precisely the information I needed and the fact you provided screen dumps of the actions needed, so I knew exactly where to look, was excellent.

Torquemeters Limited

Luke was very helpful in his comments and provided an alternative solution that allowed me to get the data out of my FEA analysis we required.

Torquemeters Limited

Wilde gave us exactly what we were looking for. Their consultancy service confirmed some of the assumptions we were making and added value to the report to our client. It also increased our level of confidence in the recommendations we made to our client.


Wilde’s integrated scope of material testing, material modelling and model validation provides an excellent base for our FE analysis, allowing our in-house analysis team to focus on providing high-quality analysis of our products.

Siemens Subsea

Another excellent training course from Wilde. The tips revealed during the course will enable a more efficient use of ANSYS Workbench, DesignModeler and Mechanical.

Esterline (Darchem Engineering)

Having some exposure to ANSYS Mechanical in my current role the mechanical intro course has answered a lot of questions and uncertainties. It has also prompted new questions about potential for many of the encountered features and the prospect of facilitating better engineering analysis.

John Crane

ANSYS software will enable UEL to maintain its lead in the field of high power to weight ratio engines. It will give us the ability to model electronically the thermodynamic & combustion processes of our engines enabling faster development of new products & improvements.

UAV Engines

An educational tool ANSYS is and will be an excellent teaching tool for all engineering disciplines. Looking at my own industrial background I would personally recommend all engineering companies I have worked with, and for, to invest in this software and the training packages.

Wigan and Leigh College

Great course, knowledgeable tutor. Perfect for me after ten years of studying FEA at university.

Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

The course is excellent I feel confident about going back to work and using ANSYS.


Wilde Analysis supply MMD with all our ANSYS products, along with providing technical assistance on some of our more challenging consultancy projects. Their depth of knowledge and wealth of experience along with the support of the very latest analysis software have been contributory factors in helping MMD to stay at the forefront of mining machinery design.

MMD Design and Consultancy

We believe that we have been very well supported by Wilde FEA and have a robust solution in the ANSYS product.

Precision Polymer Engineering

Wilde Analysis Ltd are a very professional and competent organisation and employees.

JCB Landpower

The training I received was professional and practical and provided by a competent and knowledgeable engineer. A very good course and a great introduction to ANSYS


The course enabled me to get a good grasp of the of the key functions to ANSYS Workbench which I found intuitive and with a user friendly interface. The material was well presented and the tutorials reinforced learning ….tutor has a huge amount of knowledge of ANSYS. Very Professional.

Babcock Marine & Technology

Through ANSYS Workbench we have a tool which allows us to increase the performance of our products. Drastic reductions in weights and inertia of the couplings have been achieved without compromising the strength of the unit. Lateral vibration of coupling  is now being estimated to a level of confidence previously unattainable without days of computation and cost.

Bibby Transmissions

ANSYS enables us to calculate stresses and FEA limits to optimise our design solutions and provide confidence in our products. By using this software, we have not only saved costs and time within our projects but also improved the reliability of our products.

BMP Europe Ltd

...thank you for the efforts put into the focus course which my 3 guys attended earlier this week. They were very complimentary about the quality of the training and the way in which Wilde was able to tailor things to our specific working life requirements.

Pilkington Architectural

Our company continues to benefit from the ANSYS and CivilFEM software supplied to us by Wilde Analysis... It has brought many advantages, not least reduced project risk, cost savings and improved safety and quality. Wilde underpins their software supply with excellent technical support and this enables us to develop our in-house knowledge and to get the most out of our software.

Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons

Overall good experience, tutor very kind and open for all our questions... Really useful course... Perfect examples that well explained the use and functions of ANSYS DesignModeler... The tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful!

JCB Excavators

We always appreciate Wilde’s approach as working with them is very beneficial for us, both in terms of project costs & knowledge transfer. They are very open about the results, barriers & difficulties involved, & do their utmost to make sure the models are validated, which not many other companies would do. Wilde go to great lengths to produce the accurate results we need, that’s why we have developed a successful working relationship.


... Our improved in-house capability has speeded up our development schedules & helps us to progress our designs & testing much faster, with lead time reductions of around 80%...We see Wilde as a key partner in the development of our skills & software capability.


A fantastic and thorough introduction to fundamental principles and ANSYS analysis tools. I feel more than equipped to practise these skills to support & promote a more interactive development process.

GE Aviation

Very well presented [ANSYS LS-DYNA] course by knowledgeable staff with real life experience.

Woodward Diesel Systems

Technical support gave timely well informed help with the problem that I faced, including recommendations for tackling similar situations more effectively in the future.

John Crane

I was particularly pleased with the way in which the instructor led the course and accommodated my particular requirements ...

Blast and Ballistics

Excellent course! ... Brilliant refresher course for those who have not used FEA day to day and need to refresh on understanding of fundamentals.



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Can Ansys Help Transform Your Product Design and Development Processes?

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Our combined software, training and consulting solutions enable you to exploit simulation within your business efficiently and effectively, with expert support and mentoring from our experienced technical services team.

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