Structural Analysis

Ansys FEA helps you solve structural engineering problems and make better, faster design decisions. Customise, parameterise & automate your simulations to analyse multiple designs, while integrating with CFD & electromagnetics.

ANSYS structural analysis software is trusted by organisations around the world to rapidly solve complex structural engineering problems with ease. Finite element analysis (FEA) tools from ANSYS provide the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product:

  • Linear static analysis that simply provides stresses or deformations
  • Modal analysis that determines vibration characteristics
  • Advanced transient nonlinear phenomena involving dynamic effects and complex behaviour

ansys-vibration-analysisAll users, from designers to advanced experts, can benefit from ANSYS structural analysis software through: the renowned ANSYS Workbench intuitive workflow; wide variety of material models; element library quality; solver speed, robustness and accuracy; and the ability to model every product — from single parts to very complex assemblies with hundreds of components interacting through contacts or relative motions.

The speed of ANSYS simulations can be reduced further through efficient parallel processing capabilities to exploit multiple core PCs and High Performance Computing (HPC). Bi-directional connections with all popular CAD systems enables seamless geometry import, automatic parametric studies and Optimisation.

Automatic contact detection make it easy to set up and prepare single part and assembly models for meshing.

Other tools, like factor-of-safety prediction and built-in simulation wizards, help even new users get accurate, reliable simulation results in minutes. Combined with ANSYS Fluid Mechanics or Electromagnetics solvers, ANSYS CFD software can undertake fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and other multiphysics simulations.

All Ansys structural mechanics solutions are built on the same solver technology and Ansys Workbench intuitive user environment, enabling you to easily upgrade between products as your simulation requirements evolve.

Ansys Mechanical Enterprise is a complete solution for linear and non-linear structural and thermal analysis, including:

  • Full range of comprehensive static, dynamic, rigid/flexible body mechanism and impact (Explicit STR) solvers for design validation
  • Structural, fluid dynamics and electromagnetic capabilities for simulation-led design exploration
  • SpaceClaim for geometry importing, building and editing
  • Dedicated composite draping and analysis module (Ansys Composite PrepPost)
  • Fatigue and hydrodynamic (Ansys AQWA) analysis
  • Design of experiments (DesignXplorer) module for Robust Design & Optimisation
  • ACT customisation toolkit
  • Coupled-field capabilities for multiphysics analysis

Ansys Mechanical Premium is a comprehensive non-linear stress analysis software for advanced structural analysis, including transient thermal, dynamics and fatigue capabilities.

Ansys Mechanical Pro is a flexible general purpose linear stress analysis software for regular structural analysis, including transient thermal, modal and fatigue capabilities.

For Simulation-Led Design Exploration:

Ansys Discovery is an integrated multiphysics solution for designer-focused simulation, including structural, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics capabilities.  

For Specific Requirements:

Ansys LS-DYNA simulates the response of materials to short duration severe loading. It is the most commonly used explicit simulation program, best suited for the experienced and highly technical user.

Ansys Autodyn simulates the response of materials to short duration severe loadings from impact, high pressure or explosions.

Ansys Code DesignLife extends ANSYS structural mechanics solutions for advanced durability/fatigue analysis, calculating culmative damage due to complex duty cycles from ANSYS stress and strain results.

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