Ansys Fluent: Industry-Leading Fluid Simulation

Ansys Fluent is the industry-leading, trusted fluid simulation (CFD) software known for its advanced physics modeling capabilities and proven accuracy.

Ansys Fluent Gives You More Time to Innovate and Optimize Product Performance

Trust your simulation results with a software that has been extensively validated across a wide range of applications. With Ansys Fluent, you can create advanced physics models and analyze a variety of fluids phenomena—all in a customizable and intuitive space.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Single Window, Streamlined Workflow
  • Best-in-Class Physics Models
  • Parallel Capabilities for Meshing and Solving

Key Capabilities

  • Task-Based, Streamlined Workflows

  • Battery Modelling

  • Electric Motor Cooling

  • Turbulence Modelling

  • Acoustics

  • Single and Multiphase Flows

  • Combustion Models

  • Shape Optimization

  • Conjugate Heat Transfer

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • Reduced Order Models

  • HPC

The Ansys Fluent Experience

Ansys Fluent already solves the toughest design challenges with well-validated results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications. But today, engineers need to accomplish more, in less time and with less training than ever before. Built on top of the proven Fluent solver, this new experience:

- Provides a complete, single-window solution within Fluent
- Streamlines the Fluent workflow for generating a mesh from imported CAD
- Removes barriers for common tasks that frustrate users

CFD Simulation Breadth and Speed

Ansys Fluent software contains the broad, physical modelling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer and reactions for industrial applications. These range from air flow over an aircraft wing to combustion in a furnace, from bubble columns to oil platforms, from blood flow to semiconductor manufacturing and from clean room design to wastewater treatment plants. Fluent spans an expansive range, including special models, with capabilities to model in-cylinder combustion, aero-acoustics, turbomachinery and multiphase systems. Fluent also offers highly scalable, high-performance computing (HPC) to help solve complex, large-model computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations quickly and cost-effectively. Fluent set a world supercomputing record by scaling to 172,000 cores.

Task-Based Workflow

Fluent’s task-based workflow guides users through an organised simulation process that offers the most accurate results in less time. At each step in the process, the software provides the most relevant design options or defaults to a best-practice option. Benchmark data show that users complete the workflow with 70 percent fewer clicks and 50 percent less hands-on time.

Mosaic Meshing Technology

Fluent meshing now includes a unique patent-pending technology that delivers higher quality results at faster speeds. This Mosaic meshing technology uses a high-quality boundary layer mesh to automatically combine a variety of boundary layer meshes, for fast and accurate flow resolution. In a benchmark simulation of a Formula One wing, the Mosaic mesh had fewer, better quality cells, required 34 percent less memory and achieved a 47 percent faster solve time.

Please accept my belated thanks for your kind support to us when we visited you last month. Your advice has been very useful to us. In particular, the workflow you recommended to us for the Fluent turbomachinery calculations appears to deliver stable and reasonably accurate solutions.

Mosen Ltd

RJM International relies heavily on Ansys high performance computing (HPC) to solve complex, large-model Ansys Fluent simulations, delivering accurate and high fidelity combustion solutions with significantly less processing time through parallel processing. This enables our engineers to run chemical reaction system simulations with marked speed improvements and meet our global customers’ tight budget and project deadlines.

RJM International

We’ve been using Ansys Fluent for complex releases. With hydrogen being quite a buoyant gas, we use Fluent to look at things like if we were to have a leak into our container, how would we expect the flow to move around the other cylinders. I don’t think you could model these things without CFD.



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Can Ansys Help Transform Your Product Design and Development Processes?

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