Ansys Granta MI Enterprise

Ansys offers enterprise-wide materials data management software to store, control and analyze, creating your materials' “gold-source.” Granta MI Enterprise is built on the foundation of Granta’s trusted materials reference data.

A Complete Materials Data Management Solution

Granta MI Enterprise, the leading system for materials data management, brings a complete material intelligence management solution, allowing you to empower your enterprise, protect your materials and enable digital transformation. Create, control and store valuable materials with our flagship materials properties software. Save time, drive innovation, cut costs and eliminate risk.

Workflow tools ensure the smooth capture, processing and approval of data, information and expertise, and enable users to fully integrate their materials expertise into their business practice. Bring Material Intelligence enterprise-wide with full integration across CAD, CAE and PLM systems.


  • Comprehensive materials data - access 250,000+ materials

    An extensive array of interlinked materials data includes a comprehensive and comparable MaterialUniverse™ dataset with technical, economic and environmental information for thousands of engineering materials. Additional detailed information is available on metals, polymers, composites, coatings, electromagnetic materials, medical materials, aerospace materials – including design data, manufacturer’s datasheets, standards-based information and test data.

  • Integrate seamlessly with CAD, CAE and PLM systems

    Granta MI Enterprise is fully embedded with leading systems – CAD, CAE and PLM – to ensure accurate application of materials data and properties.

  • Boosting simulation accuracy

    Improve simulation accuracy with access to an unrivalled catalog of materials property data.

  • Test data management

    Utilize efficient, traceable materials testing and analysis process – from test lab to design data – to maximize your return on investment.

  • Minimize restricted substances risk

    Granta MI Enterprises combines best practices to help minimize restricted substances risk through practical analytics, reporting and decision-making tools – offering an unrivalled, regularly updated library of reference data to keep your teams up to date with evolving regulations.

  • Repeatable additive manufacturing

    Optimize your additive manufacturing data and project knowledge. Utilize insights to get your additive solutions to market faster, and improve your understanding of critical process and property relationships. Integrating easy-to-use Machine Learning applications into Granta MI to reduce trial and error in additive manufacturing.

Rolls-Royce Implements “Gold Source” of Material Intelligence

Rolls-Royce is a global engineering leader, providing highly efficient integrated power and propulsion solutions for a broad range of industry sectors and customers around the world including aerospace and other power systems. They have partnered with the UK-based ANSYS Granta team to implement the Granta MI™ software, providing the system to thousands of engineers around the world to create a gold source for Rolls-Royce material intelligence — in turn experiencing real benefits, equated to several millions of dollars a year in time saved, optimization and reduced waste.

Could Ansys Materials Solutions Improve Your Materials Management and Selection Decisions?

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