Fluid Dynamics

Fluid flow is often counter-intuitive. ANSYS CFD solutions enable you to successfully simulate fluid behaviour, including complex interactions between multiple physics, to optimise your products and processes before prototyping.

Ansys computational fluid dynamics (CFD) products are for engineers who need to make better, faster decisions. Ansys’ CFD simulation products have been validated and are highly regarded for their superior computing power and accurate results. Reduce development time and efforts while improving your product’s performance and safety.

Fast, Accurate CFD

Intuitive, yet extremely powerful, Ansys’ computational fluid dynamics software’s accelerate product development. Ansys CFD products give you the possibility to make incredible progress through innovation as pressures to optimize products ratchet up and margins for error narrow quickly. Comprised of the industry’s most accurate and trusted solvers, you will have confidence in your results. Whether you want to maximize the efficiency of an internal combustion engine or perform an in-flight icing simulation, Ansys has the tool for you. Maximize your time and increase productivity with modern, user-friendly Ansys CFD products.

Latest Features

  • Accurate and efficient simulation of bulk granular flows by coupling discrete element simulations to fluids and structures with Ansys Rocky.
  • Up to 5X speed ups for high-speed flows to Mach 30 and above, with improved treatment of reaction sources in the density-based solver.
  • Increased accuracy for hypersonic simulations with built-in thermodynamic non-equilibrium effects, NASA-9 coefficient material properties and partial slip-wall model for rarefied flows.
  • A new built-in workflow for wall recession to model surface ablation.
  • Embedded best practices in the automated mesh adaption setup for combustion and multiphase applications, resulting in cell count reductions of up to 70%.
  • Combustion enhancements to help push decarbonization efforts with a new strained-FGM model for better NOx and CO predictions, as well as validation of recommended hydrogen concentrations and hydrogen blends.
  • More detail added in your kinetics simulations with a new framework in Ansys Chemkin-Pro that now supports a liquid phase.

ANSYS offers a comprehensive fluid dynamics solution for modeling fluid flow and other related physical phenomena, including both general purpose software and focused products to address specific industry applications.

Unparalleled CFD capabilities from the CFX and FLUENT solvers, integrated within the ANSYS Workbench framework, enable you to design and optimise new fluid-related equipment and troubleshoot existing installations. Viscous and turbulent, internal and external flows can be calculated with ease, with an industry-leading set of turbulence models that can be extended to flow-induced noise predictions.

Bi-directional connections with all popular CAD systems enable seamless geometry import, automatic parametric studies and optimisation. The speed of ANSYS CFD simulations can be minimised through highly efficient parallel processing capabilities to exploit multiple core PCs and High Performance Computing (HPC). Combined with ANSYS Structural Mechanics or Electromagnetics solvers, ANSYS CFD software can undertake fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and other multiphysics simulations.

Ansys develops the most comprehensive set of fluid dynamics simulation tools available for product and process design, development and research. With a common workflow and user environment, you can easily upgrade between appropriate solutions as your requirements evolve.

  • Ansys CFD Enterprise includes all the computational fluid dynamics solvers that Ansys has to offer, including Fluent, CFX, Polyflow, Forte, FENSAP-ICE and Ansys Model Fuel Library, together with productivity modules such as Ansys SpaceClaim, Ensight, DesignXplorer and Customisation Suite.
  • Ansys CFD Premium comprises a comprehensive suite of fluid capabilities for the fastest, most accurate results across any fluid or multiphysics application, including Fluent and CFX solvers. Ansys SpaceClaim is included with all Ansys CFD products for rapid geometry building, editing, defeaturing and modifying.  
  • For Simulation-Led Design Exploration: Ansys Discovery is an integrated multiphysics solution for designer-focused simulation, including structural, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics capabilities.  

For Specific Applications:

  • Ansys Icepak provides CFD simulation for electronics cooling applications.
  • Ansys Polyflow simulates a range of manufacturing processes, such as extrusion and blow moulding, within the plastics, glass, metals and cement processing industries.
  • Ansys Rocky is the industry-leading discrete element method (DEM) software used for simulating the motion of granular and discontinuous material. 
  • Ansys Chemkin-Pro models complex gas phase and surface chemistry reactions for fast, accurate development of combustion systems.
  • Ansys Forte predicts IC engine combustion performance with nearly any fuel, helping engineers rapidly design cleaner burning, high-efficiency, fuel-flexible engines.
  • Ansys EnSight is the user friendly, market-leading data visualization tool. It can handle large simulation datasets from all physics and engineering disciplines.
  • Ansys FENSAP-ICE  is the premier in-flight icing simulation system, used worldwide by major aerospace companies.
  • Ansys Model Fuel Library is the most comprehensive and accurate real-fuel model library available. Detailed and validated reaction mechanisms for over 70 fuel components.
  • Ansys TurboGrid is a high-quality turbomachinery meshing software. It features novel automated mesh generation capabilities in a simple-to-use, streamlined workspace.
  • Ansys Vista TF is specialized for turbomachinery design and allows you to perform ultra-fast simulations for preliminary designs.
  • Ansys BladeModeler is a powerful yet easy-to use-blade modeling software to assist the design of all varieties of rotating machinery.

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