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Try Ansys Motor-CAD for 30 days to evaluate how it can accelerate your electric machine design workflows. During your evaluation you will have access to our technical support services, together with a wide range of tutorials.

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Ansys Motor-CAD facilitates cutting-edge electric motor design by offering multiphysics analysis across a wide torque and speed operating range to accommodate rapid development cycles and system integration.

Assess through our 1 month free trial how Ansys Motor-CAD software can help you transform your design processes, combining advanced analysis capabilities with a quick and intuitive user environment.


  • Intuitive, template-based setups for fast initial electric machine designs

  • Built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers for multiphysics insights

  • Rapid analysis of efficiency maps, torque/speed characteristics and drive cycles

  • Quick evaluation of motor topologies and concepts to produce designs that are optimized for size, performance and efficiency

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