Moldex3D Plastic Injection Molding Simulation

With best-in-class analysis technology, Moldex3D can help you simulate the widest range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability, shorten time-to-market and maximise return on investment (ROI).

Complete Digital Solution for Injection Molding

Moldex3D brings true 3D simulation and visualization technology to plastic injection molding analysis, with instant connection to popular CAD systems, unrivalled material and machine characterization and a flexible simulation-driven design platform.

Together, this dedicated software helps you predict upfront more than 85% of common manufacturing problems, such as short shot, flow imbalance, air trap and hesitation.

We supply and support Moldex3D in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Why Analyse Injection Molding Processes?

  • Minimize the number of tool trials

  • Shorten time to market

  • Reduce cycle time and scrap rate

  • Save expense of electricity, time and manpower during tool trials

  • Extend mold life

  • Build competitive advantage, with reduced costs, increased margins and higher sales

What's New in Moldex3D 2023?

Moldifying the Future

Moldex3D 2023 is about getting “REAL”: Reliability, Efficiency, Augmentation, and Liberation. Enable insight-driven innovation and get a head start in validating design and manufacturability with our latest software and technology.

Strength Optimization for Fastening Products

STANLEY Engineered Fastening used Moldex3D to analyze design iterations at the earliest stages of product development. Through the simulation results, the team was able to determine the optimal number of valve gates and also the ideal gate locations for the part. Moldex3D also helped the team optimize the cold runner system design, which not only saved money spent on valve gates but also achieved balanced filling.

Moldex3D SYNC for CAD Integration

Moldex3D SYNC is an easy-to-use and multi-functional interface, fully embedded in CAD software to enable a seamless workflow from design to simulation. SYNC is available for PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS and other popular CAD systems.

Solving Void Issues during Chip Encapsulation Process

ST Microelectronics engineers minimize the risk of incomplete resin filling by employing the Moldex3D IC Packaging solution. The simulation software first reproduces void formation caused by unbalanced flow behavior. Geometric variations then show a significant effect on filling front progression, avoiding the development of structural defects during the molding process.

By exploring the these variations, Moldex3D enables the optimization of package design to reduce the risk of downstream issues.


Plastics E-Learning with Moldex3D Personal Tutor

Injection molding is a complex discipline that can take years to master.

Moldex3D Plastics E-learning (MPE) is a low cost, convenient digital learning platform that allows you to develop your knowledge of tooling, molding and associated topics with feature-rich content available on-demand.

Learn from subject experts about what they do and don’t do in real cases.

Fern Plastics Chooses Moldex3D after Comprehensive Evaluation

” Fern decided to invest in mould flow analysis with Wilde Analysis in order to support their customers in optimising the quality of their parts by identifying any issues arising from part design and material selection early on in a project and before tool design and manufacture.

Issues such as surface defects, weld lines, gas traps and warpage could be predicted and solutions found to overcome them as well as identifying optimum gate positions, types and size.

After demos from a number of suppliers Fern chose Moldex3d as the best all-round package to meet their requirements due to its ease of use and comprehensive simulation, visualisation and injection moulding analysis.”

Director, Fern Plastics

Dedicated Data Management Platform for Plastic Injection Molding

Moldex 3D iSLM is an intelligent and interactive data management platform designed for plastic engineering companies, including both simulation and mold tryouts.

Companies can simply centralize their critical data within the iSLM platform throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

How Can Moldex3D Help Transform Your Design and Manufacturing Processes?

Wilde Analysis is a certified Moldex3D channel partner and has used plastic injection molding simulation software for over 20 years.

Our combined software, training and consulting solutions enable you to exploit simulation within your business efficiently and effectively, with expert support and mentoring from our experienced technical services team.

Read how Moldex3D compares with against other mold flow analysis tools through an independent analysis report .

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