ANSYS SpaceClaim: 3D Modelling & Editing

Ansys SpaceClaim’s unique user interface, modeling technology and versatile tool set help you create and modify imported geometry — without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems.

A New Way of 3D Modelling

ANSYS SpaceClaim enables you to easily create concepts and prepare designs for digital prototyping, analysis and manufacturing, including 3D printing. It is a highly cost-effective solution for efficient simulation-driven product design, optimisation and STL preparation. 

Ansys SpaceClaim’s unique user interface, modeling technology and versatile tool set help you create and modify imported geometry — without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. When working with existing CAD models, you can de-feature and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools. Ansys SpaceClaim is ideal for engineers who don’t have time for heavy CAD tools, but want and need to get 3D answers fast.

Reduce Simulation Preparation Time

SpaceClaim provides analysts with tools for accelerating geometry preparation for simulation. Whether de-featuring CAD models, extracting fluid domains, or simplifying a model to beam and shell elements, SpaceClaim removes geometry bottlenecks freeing analysts to focus on their simulations. With control of geometry, analysts can enable simulation-driven design, eliminate delays between design teams and analysts, and easily understand how design changes impact results.

ANSYS SpaceClaim has been developed specifically to enable any engineer to quickly and efficiently model in 3D with the minimum of training. Key capabilities include:

  • Full part and assembly modelling
  • Detailed drawings included full 2D/3D GD&T
  • Photorealistic rendering with Keyshot
  • Open/edit files from neutral and native CAD systems
  • Complete help guide and tutorials to help you get started


Primary Design Tool 

2D to 3D Transition 

Bid Modelling 

Large Assembly Editing 

Photo Realistic Rendering 

Dynamics Simulation 



Because of streamlined workflows and dedicated CAD for analysis tools, users often see model pre-processing time cut down from weeks or days to hours or minutes. No longer do you have to outsource CAD modifications to another department or firm. SpaceClaim was built to empower every engineer and analyst to quickly modify and optimise CAD files. Whether modifying existing geometry or creating simplified representations, SpaceClaim removes the geometry bottleneck and lets engineers focus on the physics. True simulation-driven product development is now possible with SpaceClaim handling all your front end geometry needs.

With SpaceClaim you can also parameterize any model of your choosing. This means rapid changing of dimensions as your design needs change. SpaceClaim also supports scripting functionality for the creation of geometry not supported in the native UI, or the automating of repetitive tasks.

SpaceClaim has a bidirectional linkage to Ansys Workbench to you can take advantage of design iteration studies, and the seamless integration of geometry to other Ansys products.


FEA Model Preparation 

CFD Model Preparation 

Dynamics Simulation 

overview-video-ansys-spaceclaim-structural-analysis overview-video-ansys-spaceclaim-fluid-dynamics-cfd-model-preparation



ANSYS SpaceClaim offers intuitive tools for reverse engineering. With SpaceClaim, STL files and solids can be easily altered to recreate perfect models for parts and fixtures. Users can even start with 2D models. Imperfect data from worn components or a dirty scan can be quickly corrected.




Whether you are machining a part with a CNC router, fabricating a piece of sheet metal or 3D printing a prototype, ANSYS SpaceClaim helps you increase productivity and complete CAD/CAM projects more smoothly due to a very short learning curve and ease of use.


Unfolding Sheet Metal 

3D Printing 

Reverse Engineering 

overview-video-ansys-spaceclaim-jig-fixture-design-machining overview-video-ansys-spaceclaim-injection-mould-manufacturing overview-video-ansys-spaceclaim-sheet-metal-drawing-fabrication

Jigs, Fixtures & Machining 

Injection Mould Tooling 

Sheet Drawing & Fabrication 



ANSYS SpaceClaim and the optional STL Prep module provide a comprehensive toolkit to save time repairing and preparing models for 3D printing.

  • Repair models from problems you typically run into during the printing process
  • Create and modify CAD files
  • Save and export STL
  • Work directly with STL files to shell, scale, and split models
  • Combine STL models with other STL models or solids
  • Automate verification and repair of STL, including intersections, watertightness, misaligned normals and co-incident triangles
  • Manipulate solids to:
    • Shell models to minimise waste
    • Scale models
    • Split models for better printing, adding pins, lips, mortise, or joints as needed

Optimising STLs 

3D Printing in AEC 


resource/demo-video-lattice-infill-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing demo-video-general-editing-stl-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing


Lattice Infill for 3D Printing 

General STL Editing 

demo-video-direct-editing-faceted-data-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing demo-video-surface-parts-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing demo-video-solidifying-stl-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing

Direct Editing 

Surface Part Print Prep 

Converting STL to Solid 
resource/demo-video-optimising-stl-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing resource/demo-video-aec-architecture-ansys-spaceclaim-3d-printing  



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