Flownex Simulation Environment (SE) is a fast, reliable and accurate total system and subsystem solution to thermal-fluid simulation, enabling you to rapidly predict, design and optimise for flow rates, pressures, temperatures and heat transfer rates.

Rapid Design and Optimisation of Flow and Heat Transfer Systems

Developed by M-Tech Industrial, Flownex provides an ideal systems-based simulation tool for virtually all fluids-based processes.

It can model any combination of liquid, gas, two phase, slurry and mixture flows in both steady state and dynamic conditions, coupled with a comprehensive library of components including pumps, turbines, valves, compressors and heat exchangers.

Industry Applications


With green hydrogen offering a renewable solution for future energy needs, Flownex supports the research, design and development of electrolysis, fuel cell and related systems.

Nuclear and SMR

Flownex can help nuclear and SMR plant design, from feasibility studies and performance assessment to plant response and accident scenario investigations.


Flownex can efficienctly analyze and help optimize cooling and heating systems, from ducting design to complex refrigeration cycles.

Data Centres

Flownex enables data centre cooling performance to be evaluated at a systems level, while also integrating with Ansys for co-simulation studies.

Gas Turbines

Flownex simultaneously solves pressure drop, heat transfer and windage power transfer for the connected components of a complete system in both steady-state and transient simulations.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO2)

Different cycle layouts for supercritical CO2 processes can be simulated with two-phase properties using Flownex to support research and development.

Aerospace & Defence

Flownex enables the accurate and efficient modelling and simulation of many aerospace and defence related systems, from fuel delivery and hydraulics to environmental control and life support.


Advanced space propulsion systems, such as cryogenic liquid rocket engines, featuring many interconnected components can be modelled and simulated using Flownex.

Industrial Processes

Flownex predicts the thermo-fluid performance of connected components within industrial process systems, including compressors, pipes, tanks, valves and heat exchangers. 

Oil and Gas

With Flownex, integrated system analysis can be performed including design and modelling of pipe systems, valves, turbomachinery and other oil and gas related applications.

Gas Processing

Flownex can be used for a wide range of gas processing related applications, determining pressure drop and heat transfer within steady state and transient conditions.

Academic and Start-Up

Competitively priced Flownex research licenses for advanced development and start-up initiatives are available, together with teaching resources for fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics.

Product Options

Flownex Simulation Environment can be configured to your requirements from a series of modules.

I was very impressed with the knowledge and tools available to us through Wilde and the accuracy of their first model predictions compared to my test results. This has already become a seminal piece of work that will underpin a significant future product development.


How Can Flownex Help Transform Your Design and Manufacturing Processes?

Our combined software, training and consulting solutions enable you to exploit simulation within your business efficiently and effectively, with expert support and mentoring from our experienced technical services team.

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