DEFORM Manufacturing Process Simulation

DEFORM enables designers to analyse metal and non-metallic forming, heat treatment, machining and mechanical joining processes to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs and lead time. Advanced capabilities predict microstructure evolution, phase transformations and product distortion.

Multiphysics Process Modelling

DEFORM is specifically designed to simulate cold, warm and hot manufacturing operations for preform optimisation, tooling and product development, process troubleshooting and die stress analysis. Typical applications include forming, heat treatment and machining.

Developed by SFTC, automatic remeshing capabilities and robust non-linear solvers enable extremely large deformation material flow and coupled thermal behaviour to be simulated efficiently and accurately – often beyond the capabilities of general purpose FEA codes.

DEFORM is used by major aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, bio-medical and nuclear companies, together with their supply chains and leading research institutions.

We are the dedicated channel partner for DEFORM in the UK and Northern Europe.

Why Simulate Your Processes?

  • Development of innovative production methods

  • Reduced shop trials and lead time

  • Improved process control and quality

  • More robust and reliable tooling

  • Superior product microstructure and strength

  • Lower environmental costs

Understanding Your Entire Process Chain

Advanced simulation capabilities for phase transformation, ductile fracture, micro-structural evolution, machining distortion and chip morphology enable the entire manufacturing chain to be studied – from ingot conversion, through forming, machining and heat treatment, to final product installation. From this insight, you can identify process improvements to maximize quality and efficiency.

Workflow wizards, with standard material and tooling libraries, support the simulation of typical manufacturing operations with minimum training. Experienced users can also incorporate custom constitutive, fracture and micro-structural models, press specifications and non-metallic materials.

DEFORM comprises a range of 2D, 3D and process-specific software products to suit the application, together with a Premier bundled option for advanced users and universities. DEFORM Forming & Additional Modules offer a range of additional productivity capabilities, including inverse heat transfer coefficient calculations, Design of Experiments and advanced material data prediction.

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) with DEFORM Material Suite

The DEFORM Material Suite offers ‘state of the art’ postprocessing tools that integrate multiscale modelling methods into the DEFORM system. These tools offer practical, guided simulation workflows and efficient multiscale analyses.

The Suite can also be used with external modelling software, including an export interface to Ansys, bridging the gap between manufacturing simulation and structural or in-service analyses.

Manufacturing Process Modelling with DEFORM - Webinar Series Spring 2022

Learn how DEFORM may be able to support your business objectives through our upcoming webinar programme, beginning this April.

Review the latest simulation tools and techniques for accurately simulating metal and non-metallic forming, heat treatment, machining and mechanical joining processes.

...the support provided by Wilde Analysis has always been exceptional.

University of Sheffield (AMRC)

Excellent support, very rapid and pointed me in the right direction to solve my simulations.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening (Letchworth Garden City)

Using DEFORM, we estimate that we have reduced the number of samples required by around 50%... The confidence acquired in material volume and raw stock size has consented bulk material purchase giving a great reduction on initial lead times. DEFORM 3D is now an integrated part of Cerro EMS’ die design procedure.

Cerro EMS Limited

Manufacturing research is crucial for advancements in quality, production and in reducing the costs associated with the manufacture of parts. Finite element analysis is a powerful tool used to assist this process. DEFORM has been used as a tool to more effectively understand the machining process.

University of Sheffield (AMRC)

....our Design Engineers have all been trained by, and worked with, Wilde Analysis to exploit DEFORM more and more....Wilde Analysis has been there over the years to help us make those key steps forward in our FEA capability.

Stanley Engineering Fastening

Through the years, STANLEY Engineering Fastening’s engineers have experienced many benefits in using DEFORM within product and manufacturing design, rather than simply relying on conventional methods involving trial and error.

Stanley Engineering Fastening

DEFORM has impressive capabilities and applications; the course is extremely useful!….Within three days you will have the ability to work on real applications.

Manufacturing Technology Centre

…especially appreciate the time to look at my specific examples & advised me with the right solutions.

University of Hull

New and intermediate level users will find this extremely useful to cope with more advanced models and the current expectations in the field of FE modelling of manufacturing operations.

University of Strathclyde (AFRC)

A highly informative meeting, showcasing the new developments in software capability... It was the first UGM for me and I really enjoyed it. It is good to see how much support you can get from SFTC... This meeting provided me with a useful update on the new features in DEFORM.

University of Birmingham (PRISM2)

The level of support was excellent. My query was dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner with easy to follow instructions which resolved the issue. Thank you.

Timet UK

The [technical support] team is very pro-actively engaged in any problem(s) we may have related to hardware or software. Extremely helpful in any way and any level of support.

Stanley Engineered Fastening

The course was extremely informative & an ideal introduction to the DEFORM Machining Simulation. … Great people, well planned course, informative materials, excellent refreshment, so thank you very much.

University of Northumbria

Introducing DEFORM V13

The latest release of DEFORM expands its Arc Welding capabilities and Neural Network data anaytics, together with usability enhancements and general manufacturing application improvements.

How Can DEFORM Help Transform Your Design and Manufacturing Processes?

Our combined software, training and consulting solutions enable you to exploit simulation within your business efficiently and effectively, with expert support and mentoring from our experienced technical services team.

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