PLAXIS Designer

PLAXIS Designer is an easy-to-use application for building 3D conceptual models that can help you overcome the challenges of merging and analyzing data.

PLAXIS Designer

PLAXIS Designer is a 3D conceptual model builder used to significantly reduce model creation times by visualizing, optimizing, and merging engineered earth structures, staged construction and excavation, topology, borehole, piezometer, and field instrumentation geotechnical data into a well-defined design model for subsequent numerical analysis

Use data from OpenGround and numerous other sources and input formats. Analyze designs with PLAXIS 3D LE, PLAXIS 2D LE, and PLAXIS 2D.


Calculate material volumes

Volumes of material can be calculated to aid in construction activities.

Create construction sequences

Construction sequences of layers or lifts of materials as placed in earth dams or in mining operations can be easily represented in the 3D conceptual model.

Create models quickly

Featuring a familiar user interface with easy-to-understand icons and functions, the software behaves exactly how you would expect with a short learning curve. You will be able to start modeling right away.

Create stunning client visuals

3D conceptual designs can be captured for display to clients and review of potential designs. Image draping of aerial site photos is supported

Edit geometry

A rich variety of functionality is implemented in the software to allow editing of existing geometry. This represents the integration of new geotechnical designs with existing topology. Editing features integrate with both surface grids and meshes.

Export to numerical modeling modules

2D or 3D representations of geometry scenarios can be exported to any of the SOILVISION numerical modeling modules for analysis. Exported models can utilize grids or triangulated meshes.

Generate depositional surfaces

Generate a set of slurried depositional surfaces for a user-defined filling scenario. A subsequent fitting curve showing elevation versus volume can be generated.

Import boreholes

Import lithology data directly into PLAXIS Designer. Advanced sub-surface imports include gINT, Keynetix, and OpenGround Cloud.

Import multiple file types

The majority of common 3D file storage types are considered. This allows PLAXIS Designer to provide an amalgamated 3D site view of relevant data on a consistent coordinate system.

Integrate field data

Integrated field data, such as piezometer data, can be pulled from the sensemetrics cloud platform to display piezometer locations and water levels as a function of time.

Intersect surfaces

Intersections of surfaces represented as grids, TINs, or MVMs can be accomplished.

Make surface cuts

Cuts into topography can easily be performed as designing a road cut into a hillside. Mining cuts, such as with open pits, can also be represented.

Represent complex 3D surfaces

3D surfaces can be imported from a variety of formats and represented as grids or triangulated surfaces consisting of hundreds of thousands of individual elements.

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