Design, Materials and Testing

We regularly work directly with our clients to improve their designs through the use of simulation, through experimental design and optimisation techniques. Through strategic partners, we can also support concept and detailed design requirements together with the project management of material and physical testing, including the development and application of constitutive models within simulation software.

Industrial and Mechanical Design

Our engineers focus on providing support to clients to overcome their existing design challenges, combining the insight generated by simulation methods with engineering know-how. For companies also looking for aesthetic and functional design services from initial concept, through to detailed design drawings in preparation for manufacture, we team up with specialist associates to provide a complete solution.

Material Data Testing

Accurate simulation results depend on the quality of the material data used. We have undertaken projects to acquire, data-fit and test hyperelastic material models on behalf of our simulation clients. For plastics, we have access to the Moldex3D Test Laboratories and materials database.

Structural and Vibration Testing

We can work with partners to verify simulation results through physical testing.

Fluid Flow and Wind Tunnel Testing

We have partnerships with specialist fluid research centres to provide additional expertise and testing services.

Wilde’s integrated scope of material testing, material modelling and model validation provides an excellent base for our FE analysis, allowing our in-house analysis team to focus on providing high-quality analysis of our products.

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