Ansys CFX: Turbomachinery CFD Software

Ansys CFX is the industry leading CFD software for turbomachinery applications. Shorten development time with streamlined workflows, advanced physics modeling capabilities and accurate results.

State-of-the-Art Technologies for Turbomachinery

Known for its extreme robustness, CFX is the gold standard CFD software when it comes to turbomachinery applications. Both solver and models are wrapped in a modern, intuitive, and flexible GUI, with extensive capabilities for customization and automation using session files, scripting and a powerful expression language. Highly scalable high-performance computing will help speed up simulations including pumps, fans, compressors and turbines.

  • Streamlined Turbo Setup and Post
  • Rotor-stator Interaction Models
  • Transient Blade Row Methods
  • Highly Scalable HPC

Streamlined turbo setups and blade design tool integration ensures that you have more time to spend optimizing your design. Whether it’s used for blade design optimization or advanced material modeling, CFX is the reliable tool you can use to save both time and money.

Quick Specification

Get industry leading accuracy with Ansys CFX. This tool quickly solves turbomachinery problems and provides engineers with more time to focus on their design. 

  • Streamlined Turbo Setups
  • Harmonic Balance Methods
  • Advanced Steam and Real-gas Models
  • Performance Map Automation
  • Expressions
  • Rotor-stator Interaction
  • HPC Scalability
  • Industry Leading Turbulence Modeling
  • Transient Blade Row Methods
  • Blade Film Cooling
  • Blade Design Tool Integration
  • Multi-stage CFD Modeling

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