DEFORM for Heat Treatment and Microstructure Simulation

DEFORM simulates thermal, mechanical and metallurgical responses of parts during forming and heat treatment, including phase transformation and recrystallisation. Distortion, quench cracking and residual stresses can be predicted, together with phase volume fractions.

Predict and Optimize Thermo-Mechanical Processes

Combining forming and heat treatment simulation capabilities enables the modelling and optimization of cogging and other thermo-mechanical processes to develop homogenized, fine grained, recrystallized microstructures.

Heating processes can be optimised through batch furnace and induction heating solvers, where coil design, applied power and induction frequency may be varied. Microstructure evolution capabilities include both JMAK and CA (cellular automata) models to account for dynamic recrystallization, static recrystallization, metadynamic recrystallization and grain growth.

Typical Heat Treatment Processes

  • Normalizing

  • Austenizing

  • Carburizing

  • Solution Treatments

  • Quenching

  • Tempering

  • Ageing

  • Stress Relieving


Heat treatment and microstructure simulation is available in the standalone DEFORM-HT system and as add-on module for DEFORM-2D and 3D forming software.

Manufacturing Process Modelling with DEFORM - Webinar Series Spring 2022

Learn how DEFORM may be able to support your business objectives through our upcoming webinar programme, beginning this April.

Review the latest simulation tools and techniques for accurately simulating metal and non-metallic forming, heat treatment, machining and mechanical joining processes.

...the support provided by Wilde Analysis has always been exceptional.

University of Sheffield (AMRC)

Manufacturing research is crucial for advancements in quality, production and in reducing the costs associated with the manufacture of parts. Finite element analysis is a powerful tool used to assist this process. DEFORM has been used as a tool to more effectively understand the machining process.

University of Sheffield (AMRC)

DEFORM has impressive capabilities and applications; the course is extremely useful!….Within three days you will have the ability to work on real applications.

Manufacturing Technology Centre

New and intermediate level users will find this extremely useful to cope with more advanced models and the current expectations in the field of FE modelling of manufacturing operations.

University of Strathclyde (AFRC)

A highly informative meeting, showcasing the new developments in software capability... It was the first UGM for me and I really enjoyed it. It is good to see how much support you can get from SFTC... This meeting provided me with a useful update on the new features in DEFORM.

University of Birmingham (PRISM2)

The level of support was excellent. My query was dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner with easy to follow instructions which resolved the issue. Thank you.

Timet UK

Very informative and professional course.

Timet UK

How Can DEFORM Help Transform Your Design and Manufacturing Processes?

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