Ansys Zemax: Optical Design & Packaging Software

Zemax – an Ansys company – is the industry standard for designing optical and illumination systems for a broad range of applications, from biomedical research to consumer electronics, machine vision to virtual reality.

Unsurpassed Precision and Breadth in Imaging Simulation and Optimisation Technologies

Modern products rely upon embedded optical systems for successful performance. Accurately imaging the physical world and predicting the performance of these imaging systems is critical in products as diverse as robotic surgery-assist systems, autonomous vehicles, machine vision cameras and aerospace and defense applications. These products depend on precision optical raytracing and reliable lens design, yet imaging system creation is an intricate task complicated by strict requirements for precision, tolerancing and manufacturability.

Zemax can support optical design in many fields and applications, including:

Imaging Optics

  • Target-tracking cameras
  • Driver-assist cameras
  • Cell phone/computer cameras
  • Biometric sensors

Lighting & Illumination

  • Plane exterior lighting
  • Headlights
  • Laser printers
  • Biometric sensors

Lasers & Fibres

  • Target-tracking cameras
  • Headlights
  • Laser printers
  • Optical interconnects

ansys zemax simulating optical performance of lens with wide angle field view



OpticStudio® is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design in leading companies throughout the optics industry.

OpticStudio® STAR Module

The OpticStudio Structural, Thermal, Analysis and Results (STAR) module enables you to assess the impact of structural and thermal loads on your optical designs based on finite element analysis (FEA) data sets. Reduce human error and wasted time spent recreating designs by blending and optimizing STOP and OpticStudio design processes into an integrated workflow.


With OpticsBuilder™, CAD users can directly convert complete optical designs from OpticStudio into CAD, analyze how their packaging impacts optical performance, and export optical drawings to manufacturing – saving costs and months of trial and error.


OpticsViewer™ bridges the gap between optical design and the manufacturing process. Improving how your engineers share optical design information can reduce miscommunication, speed up the product development process, and eliminate unnecessary iteration costs.

Can Ansys Help Transform Your Product Design and Development Processes?

Wilde Analysis has been an Ansys channel partner since 2000 and used the software within consulting projects for over 30 years.

Our combined software, training and consulting solutions enable you to exploit simulation within your business efficiently and effectively, with expert support and mentoring from our experienced technical services team.

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