Power Electronics

From electric drives to power supplies and robotic systems, with Ansys power electronics design solutions you can achieve first-pass system success and deliver efficient, optimised designs in less time and with less cost.

Design and Optimisation of Power Electronics

As microprocessors gain speed and reliability, more electronic controls and electrical content are being applied to traditional mechanical and hydraulic processes. Power electronic and mechatronic systems are increasing operational efficiency and delivering advanced automation features through a blend of mechanical, electronics and embedded software components. Aircraft, automobiles, defence systems, machine tools, home appliances, toys and many other products are based on power electronic and mechatronic systems.

Simulation can provide a significant impact on power electronics design and production. Ansys offers system-level design, analysis and optimization solutions for power electronic systems inclusive of inverters, converters, electric machines, sensors, semiconductors (IGBTs), circuit boards and cables. 

Ansys simulation tools help solve issues like semiconductor loss and thermal performance during cycling, surge currents and voltages during switching, and conducted and radiated emissions (EMI/EMC) due to increasingly higher switching frequencies.

  • Multi-level and Multiphysics Modelling
  • Embedded Controls and Software
  • Conducted and Radiated Emissions Evaluation
  • Component Reliability

Ansys Power Electronics Solutions

Electromagnetic Solutions

3D and 2D quasi-static electromagnetic field simulations enable highly accurate models used to perform signal integrity analysis to study crosstalk, ground bounce, interconnect delays and ringing, and to accurately predict the performance of high-speed interconnects, filters, connectors, and PCBs.

Power Device Characterisation

An embedded characterisation tool for both power semiconductor and power module allows for integration of characterized power components into a drive system model and evaluation at different drive cycles.

Thermal Management & Mechanical Reliability

Electronics thermal management solutions leverage robust, automatic meshing to perform heat transfer and fluid flow simulation for convective and forced air cooling strategies.

Integrated electrical, mechanical and thermal material properties offer multiphysics solutions for problems like thermal run-away issues within power electronics systems and help conduct root cause analysis.

Reduced-Order Models

By creating a reduced-order model (ROM), changes can be made and analyzed in real-time simulations, decreasing simulation time by orders of magnitude. 

Ansys Software to Consider

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