Data Centre Cooling

As computing and power requirements increase, data centres face the challenge of maintaining environmental temperature stability while minimising energy usage. We have experience in helping centres investigate and propose new cooling and ventilation strategies when expanding or refitting their equipment within fixed spatial constraints.

Software and Consulting

As Ansys and Flownex partners, our expertise in both 1D and 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) enables us to consider data centre environments at both compartmental and systems levels, to help you improve your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

We are familiar with ASHRAE’s thermal guidelines for data processing and endeavour to support best practice in layout and ventilation design. This includes assessing the feasibility of re-engineering air flows, including balancing cold air supply and warm air extraction, room layouts, underfloor flows and ducting modifications.

In addition to generating insight into internal airflows within data centres, our extensive experience in Wind Engineering enables us to assess the risk of ventilation short-circuiting, where hot exhaust air is inadvertently recirculated due to external wind effects around the building.

As higher temperaures can detrimentally affect life of IT and power equipment, we have also supported reliability studies through our dedicated Reliability Engineering team, together with Thermal Management analysis of PCBs and other electronic sub-assemblies.

System-Level Thermal Management Analysis to Develop More Efficient and Robust Cooling Solutions

Our Flownex software is ideal for analysis and optimization of data centre thermal management systems – either as a service or helping you develop your own in-house capability. Applications include:

  • Thermal Management Systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Waste Heat Power Generation
  • Co-Simulation with 3D CFD.

How Can We Help?

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