Ansys Granta Selector

Whether you are looking to reduce cost, lower your environmental impact, overcome in-service problems or simply find better materials for the job, Ansys Granta Selector materials selection software lets you innovate, resolve materials issues, reduce costs and validate your materials choices. Select the best materials for your application and then export simulation-ready materials data.

Spend Less Time Searching and Make More Informed Materials Decisions

Ansys Granta Selector combines extensive, relevant materials data with a range of versatile tools to implement powerful, logical materials selection. Use the right materials to improve performance, reduce risk and cost while increasing customer satisfaction.

Ansys Granta Selector provides powerful tools and extensive materials selection databases for intelligent decision making. Trusted by engineers and materials experts, you can rapidly find the best materials for any application then directly export materials property data. Rapidly search and filter materials based on an unlimited number of property requirements in the data. Selections can be plotted and easily visualized for optimal performance. Comparative tools let you compare different materials side-by-side with significant differences clearly highlighted.


  • Intelligent materials selection

    Ensure exhaustive, repeatable and auditable materials selection. Find similar materials to current choices or explore the entire available materials space. Rapidly compare material choices and balance competing performance requirements.

  • Comprehensive materials data

    An extensive array of interlinked materials data includes the comprehensive and comparable MaterialUniverse™ dataset with technical, economic and environmental information for thousands of engineering materials. Additional detailed information is available on metals, polymers, composites, coatings, electromagnetic materials, medical materials, aerospace materials – including design data, manufacturer’s datasheets, standards-based information and test data.

  • FE Export and Ansys Workbench integration

    Seamlessly feed simulation-ready engineering data into Ansys Workbench as part of an integrated workflow. Export data to Ansys Discovery, Ansys Granta MI Pro or a variety of third-party CAD/CAE software solutions.

  • Eco design audit

    Straightforward evaluation of the environmental impact of your product and its component. Identify key areas to focus on, and provide guidance on how to reduce embodied energy and CO2 footprint at all stages of the product lifecycle.

  • Part cost estimation

    Estimate manufacturing costs at the conceptual design phase. Account for materials, manufacturing method and batch size.

  • Create hybrid materials

    Predict the performance and properties of hybrid materials and structures and compare them with standard materials. Comes with several built-in models and structures, or create your own. Or, predict the key properties and performance of several multi-cell battery module configurations and carry out equivalent comparisons between them.

  • Selector for research and academia

    Compare your in-house experimental research data with built-in comprehensive materials data. Synthesize hybrid materials and assess their properties. Data visualization and analysis tools to guide through the whole research project. Support advanced educational reports and all kinds of publications.

Regarding Ansys Selector vs other material selection tools/options, I can recommend it without hesitation. The software is updated each year and the range of additional tools and functionality continues to expand.  For overall functionality, ease of use, effectiveness and time saving Granta Selector beats the contenders hands down.

Global Polymer Solutions (GPS)

Could Ansys Materials Solutions Improve Your Materials Management and Selection Decisions?

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