Thermal Electronics Reliability

Thermal Electronics Reliability

April 29th, 2021

Thermal reliability is exceptionally important in the design and implementation of electronic system. Further electronics are expected to function for at least a specified time period. As such, cooling strategies to ensure that over heating effects do not impact the reliability of a system is a must.

Ansys Icepak integrates at Chip-Level EM solver RedHawk, PCB-Level EM solver SIwave, and electromagnetics solvers HFSS, Maxwell and Q3D to improve thermal integrity and optimise cooling strategies, by allowing comprehensive electrothermal multi-physics simulation, addressing of thermal management solutions at multiple scales, and the use of 3D high-fidelity reduced order modelling (ROM) capabilities.

The benefits of such simulation include enhanced cooling strategies, improved reliability and reduced development time. Using Ansys tools, it is possible to evaluate thermal performance from chip/die level all the way up to system level evaluation.

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