Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)

From solenoids and electric motors to the Internet of Things (IOT), our leading simulation solutions can predict the performance of low and high frequency electromagnetic fields. We also provide multiphysics capabilities to couple the electromagnetic, thermal and structural behaviours that need to be integrated if you are designing complex devices.

Software and Consulting

Electro-mechanical and electronic devices are increasingly found in all areas of engineering. In addition to electromagnetic field simulation, these devices often also require coupled mechanical and thermal assessment, such as stress on components due to temperature gradients caused by eddy currents, dynamic or shock loading and torques generated by electromagnetic forces.

We provide consulting services to companies who are not ready to invest in the technology in-house, together with expert partners in Radio Frequency (RF) design and Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC) assessment.

This includes integration with our Thermal ManagementDrop & Vibration and Design for Reliability capabilities to ensure electronic products and systems not only perform to specification but are also sufficiently robust for their intended design life.

Electromagnetic losses calculated in Maxwell can be automatically mapped to Fluent as the heat source to calculate the motor’s temperature distribution. The losses include copper loss in the copper winding, eddy current loss in the permanent magnet, and core loss in the stator and rotor cores.
Electromagnetic losses calculated in Ansys Maxwell can be automatically mapped to Fluent as the heat source to calculate the motor’s temperature distribution. (Courtesy: Ansys)

Industry-Leading Software

Our Ansys Electromagnetics and Multiphysics software portfolio contains both single and coupled-physics products that are recognised as leading solutions for helping design and validate products involving low and high frequency electromagnetic fields.

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