Plastic Injection Moulding Simulation

Simulating the plastic injection moulding process reduces the need for costly physical prototypes, avoids potential manufacturing defects and helps deliver innovative products to market faster. We provide rapid and cost-effective process modelling solutions to design companies, injection moulders and toolmakers.

Software & Consulting

As a Moldex3D value-added reseller, we supply the automotive, medical, consumer, packaging and other industries involved in designing and/or manufacturing plastic products with leading simulation software.

We recommend the appropriate technology to suit your requirements, enabling plastic product quality to be validated before investing in expensive tooling. mould flow software comparison


We provide flexible and fast-response injection moulding simulation consulting services to clients without the time, skills or resources in-house – from single day plastic design assessment to long-term product and mould development projects. Our services are typically employed to screen for and detect voids & sink marks, gas traps and weld lines with the objective to optimise fill patterns. Example projects include:

  • Two-Shot & Insert Overmoulding – Assessment of subsea connectors, electronic devices, automotive sensors and interior trim
  • Core Deflection –  Analysis of mould tool robustness & process repeatability in medical, automotive & industrial equipment sectors
  • Gate Position Evaluation – Optimisation of hot & cold  feed systems, including large components with sequential valve gated systems
  • Cooling Optimisation – Minimisation of cycle times and costs by eliminating hot spots in mould tools, including conformal cooling
  • Fibre Orientation Analysis – Prediction of mechanical properties of parts manufactured from high-performance engineering polymers
  • Shrinkage & Warpage Prediction – Simulation and reduction of shrinkage/warpage/distortion across all industries

Our capabilities are internationally recognised through our Moldex3D Expert Certification.

moldex3d certification expert

Materials Expertise

We have experience in a diverse range of polymers from commodity plastics such as PP and ABS through to fibre-reinforced Polyamides, PEEK and PPS.  We can simulate over 8000 grades subjected to the following processes:

  • Thermoplastics injection moulding
  • Thermoplastics injection compression moulding and overmoulding
  • Gas-assisted injection moulding
  • Reactive moulding
  • Reactive compression moulding
  • Reactive injection-compression moulding
  • Microchip and underfill encapsulation
  • Insert molding/2K – Multi-Component Molding (MCM)
  • Injection compression Molding
  • Resin Transfer Molding
  • Foam Injection Molding
  • Powder Injection Molding
  • IC Packaging
  • PU Chemical Foaming Molding
  • Conformal Cooling
  • Investment Casting

In addition, we can model plastic blow moulding and extrusion manufacturing operations through complementary ANSYS Polyflow simulation tools.

Design for Manufacture

Together with our Structural Analysis capabilities, we help ensure that any plastic component is Designed for Manufacture, balancing product performance in terms of strength, rigidity and fatigue life with minimum cost production. For fibre-reinforced plastics, our software can incorporate inhomogneous and directional material properties developed during the moulding process within design simulation studies of parts.

Maximum load capacity results – total deformation. (Courtesy: Mergon)

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