Scientific Forming Technologies (SFTC) have released their Summer 2021 newsletter, which focuses on Representative Volume Element (RVE) modeling, in the DEFORM Material Suite, as a means to efficiently relate the macroscale to the microscale.

Metal forming is a multi-scale problem, involving microscale features (voids, microstructure, etc.) and macroscale (component-level) parts and processes. Simulating certain microscopic behaviors directly within a macroscopic model is, in many cases, impractical due to the time and effort it would require.

2D/3D RVE modeling offers a generic framework for analyzing microscale features such as porous density, voids, inclusions, grain structure and texture (below). RVE outputs may include micro-level shape, local stress/strain fields, void closure/formation, grain shape/size/orientation, particle size, texture, etc.

For the full article and other latest information, view DEFORM News Summer 2021 (PDF)

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