Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing / 3D printing is a set of rapidly growing technologies, enabling both geometric design flexibility and on-demand manufacture of complex parts. Applying 25 years experience in metal and polymer process simulation,  we are at the forefront of providing leading software and services for companies to exploit these benefits.

Software and Consulting

We have been providing cost-effective and easy to use geometry clean-up tools for rapid prototyping and 3D printing applications for many years. However, final part production from additive manufacturing is now also expanding fast. Since 2013, additively produced parts have grown from almost zero to over 50% of the market, with particularly strong growth in metal-based printing processes.

Primary advantages of additive manufacturing for final parts are reduction of tooling, flexible and lower quantity production, localised manufacture, reduced inventory and scope to improve final product performance through freedom to manufacture complicated geometries.

Optimised product design made possible by additive manufacturing includes light-weighting through internal lattice structures, fewer parts within an assembly and better thermal performance of tooling for other production processes, such as the incorporation of conformal cooling channels.

We have developed capabilities to meet these opportunities, supplying leading software and services to help industries overcome current challenges such as quality assurance, cost reduction, conservatism and speed and throughput. We have successfully addressed similar challenges over the past decades within injection moulding, sheet and bulk metal forming and machining processes.

Strengthened by recent acquisitions, as a channel partner for the Ansys Additive product suite we believe we have the most comprehensive, capable and accessible set of simulation tools available on the market today.


These tools address the major steps within the additive design process, from editing and preparing STL files, rapidly undertaking geometry changes, optimising topology and validating structural and thermal performance, through to simulation of the manufacturing operations, including microstructural investigations.

Ansys Additive is also unique in offering three levels of solver capability for additive process simulation, giving users a choice between rapid results for guidance and full thermo-mechanical analysis for high fidelity assessment.

We help companies implement the appropriate tools in-house for their specific additive/3D printing design and manufacturing requirements, drawing upon our extensive resources in process simulation training and technical support. Furthermore, we provide specialised consulting services for clients who are not yet ready to invest in these tools but have immediate requirements or are looking to undertake technology benchmarking.

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