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We regularly undertake design assessments regarding compliance with regulatory standards and codes, including all types of static, dynamic and buckling simulations for fabrication and assemblies. We also perform the bespoke assessment of designs not in-line with conventional codes and standards.

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We are very familiar with PD5500, Eurocode and ASME VIII & ASME V Design by Analysis for pressure vessel and related equipment, including stress linearisation.  Furthermore, we have undertaken fatigue life predictions within many industries for over 30 years, from mixing vessels and ship-based rotating equipment to speciality bridges subject to multiple crossings, applying relevant codes such as PD5500, Eurocode and DNV CN30-7.

Courtesy: Baker Perkins
Courtesy: Baker Perkins

As an Ansys channel partner, we help companies undertake their own code assessments by providing software, training and technical support.

We also run a popular software-neutral Design By Analysis training course to help engineers meet the requirements of ASME VIII Div. 2 using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Stress Linearisation
Stress Linearisation


Through our long-term relationship with the off-road vehicle industry, we are highly experienced in transient dynamic analysis such as the assessment of falling object protective structures (FOPS) to BS EN ISO 3449:2008.

Impact or blast simulations have included mobile phone drop tests to regulatory requirements and explosion-resistant safety enclosures for ATEX certification, together with shock testing for marine applications to recognised standards such as BV 0430. 

Other design codes we have assessed against include  DEF STAN 08-123, BR 3021, MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160 and DN-RP-F112. 

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