Daylight, Sunlight & Right to Light

We can help support your planning application through analysis of both direct and ambient natural light in and around your building to widely-accepted guidelines. Our light consulting services can assist you meeting both developmental and environmental objectives, enabling efficient and low energy designs.

Design & Planning Consulting

Planning authorities often require the study of both daylight and sunlight during the application process, assessing the impact of a new development on its neighbours. Simulation-informed lighting design also contributes to the wellbeing of residents and aids the placement of solar devices, driving growth of sustainable urban environments. 

We work closely with associates, architects and developers to create pleasantly day-lit spaces, both in planned and existing buildings through a range of light studies. Throughout the development and planning cycle, these services can support your design decisions regarding the massing of your buildings, window placement and room size to maximise natural light and ensure compliance with guidelines.

While simple tools like the Waldram Diagram can be used for basic assessment, we can also exploit advanced simulation technology to achieve greater accuracy and clearer visualisation of lit areas.


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