Wilde Volunteering at the Seashell Trust

Wilde Volunteering at the Seashell Trust

August 8th, 2018

Wilde Analysis was proud to attend an activities day hosted by the Seashell Trust; a local charity based in Cheshire which works to provide a happy and creative environment for children and young adults with complex and severe learning difficulties. The experience provided a wonderful opportunity to support the children in their activities and was a great day for all involved.

Comprised by a team of specialist teachers, activity coaches, care staff and assistive technologists, the Seashell Trust allows students to express themselves and engage with the world around them, developing their independence and living fulfilling lives. Activity days are popular events within the Seashell community as they provide students with events during holiday periods, which is often important when parents or guardians have working commitments.

A group of Wilde’s employees volunteered on the most recent event, immersing themselves in a variety of activities, ranging from high energy tennis coaching to musical experiences and dancing. Volunteers are key in the provision of these events, helping to ensure that peoples’ needs are being catered to appropriately whilst also providing a new, friendly face for the individuals to engage with.

Speaking with those from Wilde who attended the day, each was similarly surprised by the quality of facilities provided by the trust and the huge amounts of effort, energy and passion provided by each of the staff leading the activities. They found the activity environments to be extremely inclusive and, as is often the case when working with individuals with complex needs, many of the volunteers quickly formed meaningful relationships with the individuals they worked with.

“Personally, I was struck by the sheer scale of the operation. Clearly, keeping this show on the road requires money, so spreading awareness of the good work done here is very important, and events like yesterday’s afford a good opportunity to witness this first hand.” – Simon Leefe, Technical Director at Wilde Analysis

Overall, the activities day provided a fantastic opportunity to experience the special atmosphere that the Seashell Trust provides, combining accessibility and creativity to create a safe space for individuals. Seeing the students’ enjoyment of the day truly showcased the collective efforts of those within the charity and we believe it is important to raise awareness of their superb work.

Wilde would like to thank the Seashell Trust for their invitation to volunteer on the activities day. The Seashell Trust is, as a charity, deeply dependent on donors and volunteers and Wilde looks forward to engaging in similar events in the future to allow it to continue its great work.

To find out more about Wilde’s presence in the community, visit our community page.

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