Pollution Solution and Wilde feature in The Times Newspaper: Pollution filter maker eyes opportunity

June 15th, 2020

Wilde Analysis is pleased to have helped London Technical Entrepreneur, Tom Delgado with his start up of clean up system to combat high pollution concentrations. Read the story of the recent project by Pollution Solution in the business section of The Times Newspaper.

If you’re a cyclist or a pedestrian, you may have had the unpleasant experience of being stuck in or next to a queue of stationary traffic, breathing in exhaust fumes.  If you live or work in such a hot-spot, chances are you are in an environment that exceeds legal limits on vehicle emission limits, with consequent risks to your health.

Start-up business Pollution Solution believed they had an answer to this problem and approached Wilde Analysis to undertake proof-of-concept and preliminary system optimisation.  The basic idea is to suck polluted air into pipework buried in the roadway and feed it to a roadside treatment unit from which it is discharged with 99% of pollutants removed.  The fundamental key to success is to ensure that a sufficient proportion of emissions are captured by the system for treatment.

Basic questions we addressed were:

–          Is a series of discrete suction points better or worse than a continuous channel?

–          What is the optimum location of the suction system?

–          What flow rate do you need to ensure adequate capture efficiency?

–          What are the implications of that flow rate for pipe and fan sizing?

Wilde Analysis has been working very closely with this client to exchange design ideas and – just as importantly – help with their communications strategy, since a persuasive case is vital to secure interest and orders.  Potential clients are local authorities and owners of drive-through restaurants.

Since corona virus particles has been detected on pollution, Tom Delgado’s vision includes localised installations, targeting sites, such as retail, to contribute to lowering the risks.

Full case study to follow.

For further information on CFD solutions by Wilde, please contact us.

Rear Side View – Drive Through


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