Ansys SIwave: Signal Integrity, Power Integrity & EMI Analysis for PCB Design

A specialised tool for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of IC packages and PCBs.

Dedicated PCB & Package Electromagnetics Simulation Software

SIwave helps you model, simulate and validate high-speed channels and complete power delivery systems typical in modern high-performance electronics. It accurately extracts multi-gigabit SERDES and memory buses, providing product sign-off compliance for various designs. SIwave’s full-wave extraction of complete power distribution networks (PDN) enables you to verify noise margins and ensure impedance profiles are met through automatic decoupling analysis in low voltage designs.

  • Full-Wave SI/PI Extraction
  • Impedance / Crosstalk/ EMI Scanning
  • Electro-Thermal Design

Successful design of next-generation electronic products requires power integrity, signal integrity and thermal integrity co-analysis. SIwave uniquely handles the complexity of interconnect design from die-to-die across ICs, packages, connectors and boards. By leveraging advanced electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical simulators dynamically linked to powerful circuit and system simulation, you can understand the performance of high-speed electronic products long before building a prototype in hardware. This approach enables electronics companies to achieve a competitive advantage with faster time to market, reduced costs and improved system performance.



PCB Board Modeling and Simulation

Printed circuit boards (PCBs), ICs and IC packages are used in almost all electronic products across all industries: automotive, A&D, consumer electronics, healthcare and energy. With electronics getting smaller, engineers need to design boards that are smaller than ever and incorporate all the required features. Accurate modeling and simulation of these components are key to reliable end products.

  • SI, PI and EMI Analysis
  • Electrothermal Analysis
  • Shock and Vibration Analysis
  • Reliability Prediction

Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)

Electronic systems are often safety or mission critical. They form the backbone of global technology disruptions, from 5G-connected devices to autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things. As performance requirements increase and electronics proliferate, the risk of interference leading to degraded performance, unintended consequences—or even failure—rises dramatically. With simulation, EMI/EMC issues can be resolved in advance, with reduced physical testing to deliver high-performance, safe and compliant designs. 

Optimise and Predict Electronics Reliability

Best practices for ensuring and predicting electronics reliability require comprehensive multi-physics simulations. Ansys ensures reliability success by developing solutions and workflows that overcome today’s biggest simulation and design challenges.

  • Extract Detailed Geometries from any ECAD file
  • Perform Complex Multiphysics Analyses
  • Predict Time to Failure Before Prototyping
  • Implement Automation and Optimization

Ansys SIwave Solvers

Simulate the electromagnetic behaviour of printed circuit boards and electronics packages with SIwave.

Layout and Geometry Import

Enables you to easily and seamlessly import ECAD geometries and materials directly from major EDA layout tools.

Electrothermal and Mechanical Analysis

Provides automatic convergence between electromagnetic PDN analysis and CFD thermal simulation. Automatic data transfer to Ansys Mechanical identifies premature component failure due to thermal stress.

High-Performance Computing

Adds tremendous value to electromagnetics simulation by enabling large, high-fidelity models that yield accurate and detailed insight into the performance of your design.

IBIS and IBIS-AMI SerDes Analysis

SIwave’s circuit simulator is fully compatible with IBIS and IBIS-AMI driver/receiver models.

Virtual Compliance

Quickly determine if your DDR3/4 bus design will pass or fail Jedec standards.

Automated Decoupling Capacitor Optimisation

Optimise capacitor placement and reduce cost of PCB and electronic package designs.

Impedance and Cross-talk Scanning

Provides automatic scanning of PCB or package layout to determine the anticipated impedance Near and Far End crosstalk coefficients.

Multidomain System Modelling

Integrated modelling capability to analyse electromagnetic components within a systems environment.

Electromigration Analysis

Predict migration of metal atoms in a conductor caused by electric current.

EMI Solution

Identify areas of potential interference on your PCB design.

Electronics Desktop

Unified platform for electromagnetic, electromechanical, circuit and system simulation. HFSS, Maxwell, Q3D Extractor, Icepak and Simplorer are built into the Electronics Desktop, which serves as a universal pre- and post- processor for these tools.

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