Rosti Business Development Centre Deliver Faster and More Flexible Technical Response with Moldex3D and ANSYS

September 10th, 2018

To support Rosti Group’s global manufacturing sites, Rosti Business Development Centre (BDC) is a new service facility in Cannock, opened in 2018.

The goals of the BDC are to promote to new and existing clients the collaborative partnership Rosti seek to form, ensuring that what’s important to the customer is at the core of the manufacturing plan.

‘By better understanding our clients current and future needs, we can tailor our services to become a true extension of their businesses.’ Rosti

To offer a faster and more flexible technical response to enquiries, Rosti BDC have invested in Moldex3D and ANSYS Discovery, supported by Wilde Analysis.

Moldex3D is the world’s leading injection moulding simulation code, and will be an invaluable tool to help ensure clients designs are optimised for manufacture early in the design stage.

ANSYS Discovery offers the ability to rapidly conceptualise and iterate design options.

“The team at Rosti BDC set the bar very high with their expectations and requirements for moulding analysis software, with challenging in-mould decoration and  light-weight foaming applications, all of which we are able to accurately simulate in Moldex3D”. Darren Wadsworth, Business Development Manager, Wilde Analysis



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