Wilde Analysis Provides ANSYS Software Solution for University Industrial Research at WMG


Wilde Analysis is delighted to have been chosen by WMG, at the University of Warwick, to supply ANSYS multiphysics software solutions. Through ongoing technical support and mentoring, Wilde will continue to help WMG in its plans to drive forward a number of collaborative industrial research projects using ANSYS.


Wilde Analysis has been working with WMG, an academic and research department of the University of Warwick, to identify ways in which ANSYS software can benefit its industrial research activities. As a result, WMG has made a major investment in ANSYS Academic Multiphysics software, supplied by Wilde, to support a variety of significant advanced propulsion projects over the next three years. The software is intended for both general teaching at WMG, and industrial collaborative research projects into low carbon propulsion technologies.

ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solutions are broad-based, highly flexible technology bundles of FEA, CFD and low and high frequency electromagnetics simulation tools for both research and teaching. Ideal for academic organisations such as WMG, they are designed to help consolidate curriculum tools, expand simulation scope and increase innovation while reducing software procurement and IT costs.


Courtesy: WMG, University of Warwick


Wilde Analysis has been helping industry and universities to exploit the benefits of engineering simulation and numerical modelling, both in the UK and internationally, since 1980. It provides a wide range of flexible and focused engineering analysis solutions across all industries.

Brian Miller, Wilde’s Sales & Marketing Director comments:

From our involvement with WMG, it is clear that it is a world-leading research and teaching institution with the new Advanced Propulsion Centre having exciting and ambitious objectives. Alongside our relationship with other academic groups and departments at the University, Wilde Analysis greatly values the opportunity to support APC with the supply of ANSYS software and services.

WMG is at the forefront of innovative technology, working on major multi-partner projects to create and develop new processes and methods for industrialisation and large scale production. The ANSYS software will be used for advanced simulation in electric motor manufacturing, power electronics and battery scale-up to develop state-of-the-art designs and provide virtual validation to shorten product development cycle times.

Business Benefits

David Greenwood, Professor of Advanced Propulsion Systems, commented:

WMG has expanded significantly its research activities in the areas of electric motors, power electronics and traction battery systems. As a result, we have increased requirements for analytical software to allow us to model new materials, structures and processes from first principles. Following a detailed evaluation process, we are pleased to have selected ANSYS, supported by Wilde Analysis, to deliver this.

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