White Paper: Anticipating the Next Revolution in Engineering Simulation (with ANSYS AIM)

There’s no doubt that engineering simulation has made an indelible impact on the work of product development teams.

By enabling designers to study, predict and verify their products’ performance in a low-cost, low-risk virtual environment, simulation has accelerated the journey from conception to market launch, slashed development costs and increased product reliability. However, conventional simulation software does have its limitations — most notably, the lengthy training and consistent use required to build and maintain simulation expertise.

In order to usher in a new era of simulation “democratization” — in which many team members can easily master simulation — a new generation of software is needed. Forward-looking software solutions will allow companies to apply simulation in a more flexible manner, improve the accuracy of the development process, enable multiple physics to be studied simultaneously, and increase collaboration and best-practice adoption. In addition, by allowing for easy software customization, next-generation simulation solutions will maximize results for every engineer, in every industry.

For full paper, view: Anticipating the Next Revolution in Engineering Simulation – White Paper (PDF)

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