Webinar Video: Understand Product Performance with Life Data Analysis using Weibull

Due to the long life times of today’s products it can be difficult for an engineer to analyse the time-to-failure data obtained under normal operating conditions. However, Life Data Analysis (Weibull Analysis) enables you to predict the life of a product by fitting a statistical distribution to life data from a representative sample of units. This data set can then be used to estimate important life characteristics of the product such as reliability or probability of failure at a specific time, the mean life and the failure rate.

This recorded webinar covers how to analyse product failures, from lab and field data, by generating models to predict expected life times using ReliaSoft Weibull++ software. This type of analysis can help identify issues early, by highlighting where failures appear on the bathtub curve and action can be taken proactively to fix problems.

Topics include:

    • How Life Data Analysis (LDA) fits into a Reliability Program
    • What data is needed for analysis
    • Life Distributions and Models
    • What can this type of analysis tell us

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