Species Transport Using Ansys Fluent: What, How and Why? | Tips & Tricks:

In various assorted applications and throughout the real world, fluid flows are rarely just comprised of one pure liquid or gas – in reality, we likely have a mixture of different chemicals, compounds or liquids flowing together. In many instances, the interaction between these different chemical species is important, so if we want to analyse them accurately, we need to have a way of keeping tabs on all the different fluids present in our mixture. We could be mixing chemicals together in a tank, observing a chemical reaction, or perhaps looking at dye or some other injection flowing in a pipe system.

Including species transport in your fluid flow models is really straightforward in Ansys Fluent, and can provide you with the insights you need to optimise your design and process parameters – reducing time-to-market and saving cost on complicated and expensive testing equipment.

This short video introduces the key concept of species transport in Ansys Fluent. It covers the fundamentals of how species transport works in the solver, as well as a few pointers, tips and tricks to get it running well for your case.

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