Production of PCBFC™ using Ansys Tools | Case Study

Production of PCBFC™ using Ansys Tools | Case Study

With the vision to powering a Net Zero carbon future using today’s technology, Bramble Energy has demonstrated its revolutionary fuel cell technology in bringing the printed circuit board (PCB) fuel cell and capacity to supply gigawatts of fuel cell hardware to market, with the help of Ansys Software.

Business Benefits

When asked about the business benefits Ansys software has brought to the company and it’s teams, Matthew Kok, Head of Virtual Engineering, commented…

 ‘The key benefits we have experienced from working with Ansys are..

  • Excellent and fast software for resolving air-management in complex devices.
  • User friendly and convenient to use and understand.
  • Ansys learning hub is excellent for learning new topics.
  • Not all in one package and in step-by-step manner with useful features in each step.
  • The ability to automate simulation in batch mode for parametric study and to run on cloud.
  • Excellent post-processing and data visualisation tools
  • Very intuitive to import external CADS into the product assembly
  • The ability to use field and user-defined function to obtain the required solution.’


Bramble Energy is an innovator of renewable energy technologies; designing and manufacture high-performance, low-cost, fuel cell stacks using printed circuit board (PCB) materials and processes.


Bramble Energy invested in Ansys tools  to enable support the production of PCBFC™.

This leading software allows Bramble to perform simulations for calculations of fluid dynamics, component faulty flow risks, improving flow uniformity and pressure drop through cathode and anode channels, assessing performance of axial-fan (P-Q curves and PWM) and to explore and optimise system devices in hydrogen technology.

The software also has a key role in hydrogen risk mitigation measures, providing guidance for the lay-out of hydrogen sensors and the ventilation design.

Challenge & Solution

Bramble’s overall goal is to develop a CAE approach to create a digital twin environment for its fuel cell products.

Therefore the team invested in a multi-physics capability tool to allow the modelling an entire fuel cell module (which includes small features and many layers) so that such calibrated models can be implemented in ROMs for stack-level testing.

The User friendly and convenient to use and understand’ software allows Bramble’s product team to utilise the multi-physical simulation processor to test and predict various conditions affecting the fuel cell, voltage, life cycle, energy efficiency, etc.

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