Parameterisation in Ansys Workbench | Tips & Tricks

The quest for efficiency is an endless pursuit that has led to the automation of many tasks and workflows. Through parameterisation of key variables, we can now use Ansys Design Point integration to automate various studies in many of the products in the Ansys suite, such as SpaceClaim, Ansys Mechanical, and Ansys Fluent.

The Design Point system enables the user to define the key parameters in a given system or workflow and specify a whole variety of values for each input. These systems can then be updated automatically and the results are conveniently shown in tables using the same Design Point interface – making it super easy to keep organised and control all of your parameter-driven simulations from one place.

This approach is especially useful when conducting studies that require a large number of models such as parameter sweeps for optimisation studies. Let’s say you wanted to observe variations in airflow over an aerofoil at different angles of attack – in this case, the model can be set up once and multiple sets of results generated at the click of a button, giving incredible time savings over manually setting up each simulation. To find out more, please enjoy the associated video.

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