Webinar: Wilde’s Introduction to CFD Software

Recording of webinar that focused on typical issues to be considered before a CFD software package is purchased or a technical consultant is engaged in order to maximise Return on Investment(ROI).

A Q&A session with our fluids technical team completed the session, drawing on over 25 years of CFD experience.

Topics Included:

  • CFD Simulation
    • What is it and where is it used?
    • 3D vs. 2D vs. Network Systems (1D)
    • Benefits & limitations
  • Investment
    • Timescales
    • Hardware: single PC vs cluster
    • Personnel: in-house vs. external consultant
  • Software Choices
    • Accuracy vs. timescales and budget
    • Repeatability and accessibility by others in the organisation
    • Features that matter
  • CFD Process
    • CAD to Results – what is involved?
    • Tips ‘n’ tricks to reduce time and effort
    • The importance of results checking


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