Brochure: DEFORM-HT

DEFORM™-HT is a powerful stand-alone finite element modeling system for simulating heat treatment processes. The system predicts thermal, mechanical and metallurgical responses of parts during heat treatment. Heat treat distortion, quench cracking and residual stresses can be predicted. The system can also provide information on phase transformation and phase volume fraction. A variety of materials, ranging from carbon steel and aluminum to titanium and nickel-based alloys, can be modeled. Typical heat treatment processes include:

  • normalizing
  • austenizing
  • carburizing
  • solution treatments
  • quenching
  • tempering
  • aging
  • stress relieving

The Microstructure Module expands the capabilities of DEFORM-2D and DEFORM-3D to include a wide range of microstructure and mechanical property information.

View: DEFORM HT Product Brochure (PDF)

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