New Update: Release of PLAXIS 2D 2018.01

November 22nd, 2018

The PLAXIS 2D 2018.01 update pack has been released containing the new “Hydraulic Gradient” result type as well as several bugfixes for the tabulate command, Concrete model and visualisation.

The following known issues are solved with this update pack:

[Solved] Concrete model in 2D 2018.00 swaps horizontal stresses each step
[Solved] Crash in Report Generator while Embedded Beam Row material is included
[Solved] PLAXIS 2D 2018: Interface plastic points are not available
[Solved] Issue with search field in Command Reference
[Solved] Moment load display in PLAXIS 2D 2018 Output not correct

To view all fixes, or to download and update to the latest release, please visit the software update page.



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