Life at Wilde as a Year in Industry Student

Life at Wilde as a Year in Industry Student

June 26th, 2017

Hi! This is Luke Reszke – I have been a Year in Industry Student here at Wilde Analysis for the past 12 months and I wanted to share what it’s like to spend a year working with a professional engineering team.

Year in Industry Student Luke Reszke
Luke hard at work in the technical team’s office at Wilde Analysis.

Originally from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, I am in the middle of studying for a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton.  Whilst studying, I decided that I wanted to gain some practical experience of engineering ‘in the real world’ before graduating.

I had learnt all about and enjoyed doing FEA and CFD on my degree, and wanted to put that into practice on some real engineering projects.  The opportunity to work with Wilde Analysis was the perfect chance to get my hands dirty and tackle some different challenges to the usual university assignments.

Working with the engineering team here, I have had the opportunity to experience a massive variety of consulting projects – from gas cylinders to biomass hoppers, sea-floor excavators to plastic syringes, and even concrete paving slabs and rubbish skips!

I have gained a wide range of skills not only in analysis, but also improving communication and time management skills.  Being able to attend in-house training courses, ask questions and learn from highly-talented engineers has given me a detailed insight into engineering in practice, and has no doubt made me a better engineer.

Everyone here gives me plenty of opportunities to become involved and genuinely treats me as a valued part of the team. Over the last year, this has helped me to develop my interpersonal working skills and become a more polished and professional individual.

I would highly recommend doing a Year in Industry placement to any young person looking to go into engineering.  The skills and experience you gain help you to look at your university studies through the eyes of an engineer – not a student.  It helps to set you apart from the competition and gives you experience and knowledge that cannot be taught through lectures and labs.

Wilde Analysis try to give this opportunity to at least one engineering student a year. If you are currently doing an engineering-related degree and looking for similar experience to me, I suggest you get in contact during term time by emailing

Luke Reszke, Year in Industry Student


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