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Since 1980 we have been involved in civil engineering structural analysis, support geotechnical engineers with PLAXIS – the leading dedicated FEA software – and provide wind loading, pedestrian comfort, daylight & sunlight and HVAC simulation solutions.

Wind Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enables architects and consultant engineers to understand and optimise the interaction of buildings with the external environment, considering the effect of static and dynamic wind pressures on wind loading and pedestrian comfort & safety. CFD is also used to investigate HVAC, safety and energy efficiency in internal building environments.

We have significant experience in assessing how new building developments will affect local microclimate issues, supporting design and planning applications as required while avoiding the cost, lead time and inflexibility challenges involved with traditional calculations and tests. In response to the needs of the industry, we have developed efficient modelling methodologies to envelope designs for wind direction and pressure variability.

Example of streamlines from a Wind Flow Analysis (Courtesy: WSP)
Example of streamlines from a wind flow analysis (Courtesy: WSP)

  Through fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis, we can predict loads due to winds, induced vibrations & aerodynamic noise and their consequences on facade and building design. We also look at internal thermal and air flow issues with insulation, pollution, fire hazard and ventilation (HVAC), including pipe flow and ducting modelled efficiently using our 1D Flownex tools.

Building Physics & HVAC

With extensive experience in assessment and optimisation of air flow and thermal modelling, we can support your HVAC objectives, including energy management, contamination control and thermal comfort, through the supply of simulation software and consulting services.

Simulation allows HVAC designers and engineers to analyse the performance of their equipment, or the impact of their design decisions, in a variety of scenarios without having to build physical prototypes. This can include:

  • Visualisation of flow distribution and regions of high/low velocity
  • Identification of recirculatory and/or stagnant regions
  • Calculation of pressure drops
  • Temperature and humidity distribution
  • Particulate flow impaction, interception and diffusion
  • Human comfort, including noise control, air quality, thermal comfort and air movement
  • Balancing of air distribution systems
  • Investigation into the introduction of more heat sources to a room, such as increased staff or IT equipment
  • Determination of fan sizes to achieve air change specifications 
  • Optimisation of overall system efficiencies

Structural Analysis

Structural designs are often assessed to building codes and typically must be completed to tight margins and time scales. For these projects, FEA can offer significant benefit by quickly and accurately predicting structural deflections, stress and ground movements. Such analysis can improve margins by both saving time and giving confidence in cost-based design decisions or complex structural solutions.

We have experience in serviceability and ultimate limit state analysis of steel & reinforced concrete structures, as well as tackling dynamic problems such as seismic response and machine vibration. 

Our simulation capabilities also enable us to investigate blast and other impact conditions. Our specialism in geotechnical analysis enables us to accurately predict soil capacity, consolidation, heave and interaction between the soil and structure when necessary. Partnering with civil & structural design specialists from our sister company, Wilde Civil, we can provide desktop studies, assessment of bridges & other existing structures and integrated analysis & design services to international codes & standards. We also provide expert services for the most challenging geotechnical modelling problems.

Dynamics spectrum assessment of concrete foundation of turbo-generator installation

In addition to consulting services, we provide dedicated simulation software and training to construction, civil and facade design companies and consultants, including Ansys and CivilFEM

Geotechnical Analysis

Supporting our geotechnical analysis capabilities, we have been the UK and Ireland channel partner for the industry leading PLAXIS software for over 20 years and have run highly popular training courses annually on computational methods in geotechnics since 2002.

In addition, we offer gINT for geotechnical data management and SoilVisionTALREN for rapid slope stability analysis of embankments and other complex geotechnical structures.

PLAXIS_2D Simulation (Courtesy: Byrne Looby Partners)
PLAXIS 2D simulation of ground movement during an excavation beneath an anchored retaining wall (Courtesy: Byrne Looby Partners)
PLAXIS 3D Simulation (Courtesy: Coffey Geotechnics Ltd)
PLAXIS 3D simulation (Courtesy: Coffey Geotechnics Ltd)

Risk Management

Risk management during construction is in the spotlight to ensure every step is taken to safeguard the safety of workers and the general public. Our safety & reliability services address all aspects from earth-moving and lifting to working at height, utilising our ReliaSoft tools whenever appropriate.

We undertake FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, HAZOP and other methodologies, delivering formal reports, workshops and training to help clients ensure safety is integral to their operational processes.


We have supplied software, training and services to over 250 consultants, contractors and architect offices, including:

  • Abbey Pynford
  • Arup
  • Atkins
  • Bachy Soletanche
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Barberry
  • BCS Design
  • Buckingham Group Contracting
  • Bullivant Arabia
  • Buro Happold
  • Byrne Looby Partners
  • Campbell Reith
  • Capita Symonds
  • Cassidy Geotechnical Limited
  • Cullen Grummitt & Roe
  • Cundall
  • Domino UK Ltd
  • Grontmij UK Ltd
  • GustoMSC Resources B.V
  • Halcrow (CH2M Hill)
  • HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
  • Hyder Consulting
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Malzet Geotechnics & Exploration
  • Midronot Engineering
  • Millwood House Consultants Ltd
  • Monier Technical Centre
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Mouchel
  • MWH UK
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Pilkington Architectural
  • Ramboll
  • RJM Ground Solutions
  • RSK Environmental
  • Sir Robert McAlpine
  • Stratus Environmental
  • Tensar International Ltd
  • Tony Gee and Partners LLP
  • Universidad Mayor de San Simon
  • URS
  • UTEC Geomarine
  • Waterman Group
  • WSP Environment & Energy
  • Wintech Ltd

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