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Rigorous performance requirements, end customer reliability expectations and growth in autonomous systems have led to increased demand for our engineering design simulation, process modelling and safety & reliability software and services.

For over 30 years we have regularly undertaken structural integrity projects for major construction equipment manufacturers, such as JCB, Caterpillar and Terex, in addition to on-road applications.  

Courtesy: JCB Earthmovers Ltd
Courtesy: JCB Earthmovers Ltd
Courtesy: Caterpillar UK Ltd
Courtesy: Caterpillar UK Ltd


Structural Analysis

Much of our FEA work has involved first and second tier suppliers, such as the analysis of chassis, suspension, engine, gearboxes and other power transmission components, while we also have extensive experience supporting the design of exhaust systems.

Courtesy: Ilmor Engineering
Courtesy: Ilmor Engineering

Typical objectives include both static and dynamic validation, including fatigue and  weld assessment, and light weighting.

Structural analysis of earth moving vehicle chassis
Structural analysis of earth moving vehicle chassis
Structural analysis of trailer chassis

Injection Moulding

Large production volumes and stringent quality requirements mean that plastic simulation prior to manufacturing can lead to significant benefits for both product and tooling design. Our injection moulding software, Moldex3D and consulting services are widely used within the automotive industry. Moldex3D is designed for auto manufacturers and design engineers to simulate and verify complex auto parts/moulds based on true 3D technology.

With Moldex3D, auto designers or makers are able to manage the life cycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacturing. This also helps component designers or suppliers to get rid of most potential problems in the early stage. Also, visualisation of the entire injection moulding processes of auto parts allows users to obtain solutions more efficiently. In addition, through Moldex3D FEA Interface, products with potential process-induced variation such as fibre orientation and residual stress can be analysed with various structure analysis packages.


More recently, the simulation of electro-mechanical and electronic systems has become widespread, enabled through ANSYS mutiphysics solutions that include electromagnetics, fluid dynamics and thermal management capabilities to complement structural FEA. For example,  Warwick Manufacturing Group has chosen our ANSYS software and technical support services to support a variety of significant research projects into advanced, low carbon propulsion technologies.

Thermostat flow modelling (Courtesy: Nifco UK)
Thermostat flow modelling (Courtesy: Nifco UK)


We sell and use DEFORM for optimising the manufacture of high integrity metal parts in addition to fastener design. We can also call upon extensive experience in deep drawing, stretch forming and other sheet metal processes.

Automotive suspension forging
Automotive suspension forging


Redesign of connecting rod hot forging process
Redesign of connecting rod hot forging process

Design for Reliability

FMECA and associated Design for Reliability services are provided to support a wide range of reliability and quality planning initiatives for next-generation vehicles, including DFMEA, PFEMA and PPAP, APQP. Among other benefits, our reliability software and services help our clients:

  • Use data-driven analysis to address today’s demanding performance specifications, while capturing enterprise-wide knowledge within a self-improving, closed-loop system.
  • Accurately predict reliability performance during the warranty period to improve customer satisfaction and realize significant savings.

ReliaSoft Synthesis tools are used widely by companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo Trucks, Delphi and Ford to reduce life cycle costs. We have undertaken a range of reliability-related consulting projects such as fault tree analysis of an active roll control system, life data analysis on an articulated dump truck and risk population studies on casting components. We have also implemented ReliaSoft-based XFRACAS systems to help 1st tier automotive suppliers manage and efficiently utilise their failure data from both tests and in-service products.


We have supplied software, training and consulting services to over 100 OEMs and suppliers, including:

  • BorgWarner Turbo Systems
  • Caterpillar UK
  • CTP Wipac
  • Cummins Turbo Technologies
  • Delphi Diesel Systems
  • Eminox
  • Fibrax
  • Helical Technology
  • Henrob
  • Ilmor Engineering
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • JCB Excavators
  • JCB Power Systems
  • Lotus
  • Meritor
  • Nifco UK
  • PMC Harvesters
  • Red Bull Technology
  • Renthal
  • SMR Automotive
  • Terex UK
  • VDL Weweler bv

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