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Our dedicated products and services help clients improve performance and reduce environmental impact, through light weighting and other fuel efficiency innovations, while supporting the reliability of components and systems within this safety and security-critical industry.

Engineering Simulation Software and Consulting

We have the infrastructure and tools to comply with the demanding requirements of aerospace and defence companies in terms of security clearance, capacity, software capability and quality management systems.

industry-aerospace-cfd-simulation-800wide Analysis of advanced materials is a significant area of our work. We have undertaken assessment of integrity and failure mechanisms, including cracking and delamination of reinforced composite materials for both interior and exterior applications. Aircraft cabin analysis has involved static and dynamic loading, considering how forces are transferred to the airframe.

Natural frequency analysis of turbine blade investigating effects of corrosion
Natural frequency analysis of turbine blade investigating effects of corrosion

Ansys software and training has been supplied to the industry for structural, fluid, FSI, MEMs, combustion and thermal management applications, in addition to geometry modelling and topology optimisation capabilities.

FEA Structural Analysis (Courtesy Meggitt Sensing Systems)
FEA structural analysis (Courtesy: Meggitt Sensing Systems)

Process modelling of manufacturing processes can be a key enabler for developing strong yet light high integrity components involving advanced materials. Working long term with OEMs and their supply chains, advanced metal forming and heat treatment simulation has been undertaken to ensure thermo-mechanical processing cycles are optimised for a wide range of parts, from turbine blades and deep drawn panels to fasteners and ballistics. Many of our clients use DEFORM themselves for internal product and tooling development, including inertia welding and micro-structural modelling of superalloys and titaniums.

Aerospace blade forging (Courtesy: Doncasters Blaenavon)
Turbine disk manufacture showing forging and subsequent machining distortion due to residual stresses
Turbine disk manufacture showing forging and subsequent machining distortion due to residual stresses (Courtesy: SFTC)

Exterior and interior fluid flows have been simulated using Ansys FLUENT & CFX, considering acoustic issues.

Flow simulated entering jet engine via straightening vanes of ‘acoustic tunnel’ (Courtesy: IAC)

Our 1D thermo-fluid code, Flownex, with a comprehensive library of fluid properties and thermal, fluid, heat transfer, control and electric circuit components and networks, is well suited to the simulation, design and optimisation of aerospace systems including combustion and turbine secondary flow modelling.

Flownex turbine and compressor modelling

Many military related projects have been undertaken for the MOD and subcontractors, conforming to the necessary security and confidentiality requirements for this type of work. This has included a long term relationship with Williams Fairey – a world leader in tactical military bridging – including consulting secondments and training.

Demountable ski-jump structure for the short take-off variant of the F35B Joint Strike Fighter (Courtesy: WFEL Ltd)
Demountable ski-jump structure for the short take-off variant of the F35B Joint Strike Fighter (Courtesy: WFEL Ltd)

Risk Management Software and Consulting

As reliability is paramount, our asset performance management software and services assist maintenance schedules to be compliant to MSG-3 processes. We are familiar with ATA iSpec 2200 and provide consulting and mentoring to guide engineers how to implement MSG-3 logic and generate complete maintenance programme report documentation.

Design for Reliability and reliability growth objectives throughout the product lifecycle are also supported. GAP analysis, FMECA and quantitative part stress analysis to specifications such as MIL-HDBK-217F have been undertaken, together with fault tree analysis for system reliability and safety assessment. Safety work has also included environmental effects and hazard analysis to maintenance personal. Recent project examples include:

  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) analysis, including FMECA & standards based prediction, for Airbus maintenance panel
  • Safety Systems Analysis (SSA), including Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Dormant Failure Analysis, for aircraft control system
  • RAMS and standards based prediction using MIL-HDBK-217F for satellite components
  • Design for reliability activities for military runway landing light application.

The ReliaSoft reliability platform is used extensively by both ourselves and our aerospace & defence clients in preference to traditional spreadsheet and other disparate, less efficient and error-prone tools. Globally, Reliasoft is used by Aerospace OEMs, including Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Boeing, GE Aircraft Engines and Honeywell, together with their supply chains to:

  • Quickly discover design and process flaws before release to manufacturing while evaluating and improving design margins to reduce development time and cost
  • Accurately estimate system availabilities and maintenance schedules from field and test data to reduce field failures and system downtimes
  • Forecast the system and component failures and returns to reduce costs through better warranty modeling and spare part inventory management
  • Use a FRACAS system to capture field data, assist with problem resolution and drive improvements in future designs.


We have supplied software, training and consulting services to over 100 Aerospace & Defence OEMs, suppliers and government & research organisations, including:

Blast and Ballistics | Esterline | GE Aviation | Industrial Acoustics Company | Meggitt Fluid Controls | Meggitt Sensing Systems

Lockheed Martin | Pearson Engineering | Raytheon | Rolls-Royce Aerospace | Stanley Engineered Fastening (Avdel)

Senior Aerospace | UAV Engines | UTC Aerospace Systems | WFEL (Banner image courtesy: Andy Wolfe)

What Ansys offered over other platforms was a relatively cheap but powerful solver which is very intuitive. The addition of finning to the engine housing is currently set to reduce the maximum housing temperature by up to 51% and not a single prototype has been manufactured yet.

UAV Engines

Given you are working as a third party (having to chase the software publishers on our behalf) the speed of resolution and the general contact was excellent.

BMT Defence and Security UK Ltd (Bath)

Support are very quick to respond to reported issues and also very willing to assist with all other aspects of tools including evaluations and trials.

UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors & Int Systems)

Virtual testing by Wilde Analysis gave us peace of mind and allowed us to confidently present the initial concept, safe in the knowledge that it would perform as we expected it to. The results were presented in a clear, concise format that was easy to understand.

SG Equipment Ltd

Ansys allowed UEL to run multiphysics analysis of heat transfer for a new engine where testing of prototypes would usually be the method used. The engine is still in early stages but dozens of analyses have been run, steering the project in its direction.

UAV Engines

Excellent course presented in a professional manner. Excellent knowledge of product enabled presenter to answer all questions. Good nature of presenter made course enjoyable.

GE Aviation

IAC and Wilde Analysis have been working together for several years now, and we at IAC know that our CFD and FEA work is in safe hands. The intuitive way the work is completed means IAC engineers can be confident of high-quality results delivered by Wilde on schedule.

IAC Acoustics

ANSYS software will enable UEL to maintain its lead in the field of high power to weight ratio engines. It will give us the ability to model electronically the thermodynamic & combustion processes of our engines enabling faster development of new products & improvements.

UAV Engines

Your [ReliaSoft] software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. It enables us to make fact based decisions.


[ReliaSoft] BlockSim is very useful and of high quality.

Lockheed Martin

Fantastic understanding for our FEA modelling needs…. A well structured course suitable for a range of technical backgrounds with a good mixture of conceptual explanation and hands on training.

UTC Aerospace Systems

A fantastic and thorough introduction to fundamental principles and ANSYS analysis tools. I feel more than equipped to practise these skills to support & promote a more interactive development process.

GE Aviation

Very well presented [ANSYS LS-DYNA] course by knowledgeable staff with real life experience.

Woodward Diesel Systems

A very good course, very useful. This user-tailored course has given me a quick start in using the software straight away.

Meggitt Fluid Controls

I was particularly pleased with the way in which the instructor led the course and accommodated my particular requirements ...

Blast and Ballistics

I in particular found the briefing informative and your report was excellent in terms of depth, analysis and presentation.

Senior Aerospace BWT

The course has highlighted new and improved techniques to enable the company to be more efficient and flexible with presentation of the analysis and results.

Esterline (Darchem Engineering)

Excellent [reliability] training, very expertly delivered... An excellent [reliability] course. A++

Rolls-Royce Aerospace


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